Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making the Most of Every Moment

I miss my blogging. Unfortunately, my home computer crashed and now we're down to only my laptop...which my son needs for homework & I'm sure lots of Facebook time in between studying. I can't get on it until after 10:45 pm and when it's that late...I'm too tired to think of anything interesting to write about.

So here's a quick little update: I've been working on my son's college recruiting/coach contact letter. This whole process seems to be a job in itself. I never knew how much work is involved! Just praying it pays off in the long run (free education while playing the sport he loves.)

He'll be headed to visit the Ivy League colleges as well as participate in some big football combines the first week of July. He's going with the QB from his high school & his father. This is an incredible opportunity & we're trying to make the most of it by contacting all the attending coaches ahead of time = lots of emails.

Track is still going and so between the two, there's not much me time. Guess I shouldn't complain, I'm going to miss all of this soon enough.

Since I haven't had much time for hobbies (writing & photography), I decided to find interesting things to shoot during the combines, practices etc. So here's a shot I took while roaming around, waiting for my son. This little guy continued to hold this pose while I fumbled around to get my camera out, lens cover off & settings right. He knew he looked good matching the color of the tree branches set against the vibrant blue backdrop. It's nice when you actually take time to stop for a moment and notice the simple things around you that are beautiful.
There's something to be said about making the most of each moment!

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