Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grandma Gangnam Dance & Fundraising

Sister Stacy~Mom Carrie~Me & ~Son Joshy
My mom, son, sister, and friends walked in the "STOP CANCER" 5K. I woke up sick a week from this past Saturday and wasn't feeling exactly ready to head out on a 3 mile walk but I figured my sickness is nothing compared to what all these people battling cancer are going through. So I laced up my shoes and pounded the pavement, Kleenex in pocket & camera in hand and loved one's by my side.

I was SO grateful to not only meet my personal fundraising goal of $500.00 but surpass it...Woo Hoo!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to Var, Brigett and Becky who donated to this fight!! Our MIRACLE WALKER'S team raised over $1,400.00. Yes we're awesome like that!

So here's a view of our crew, walking in memory of my dad, Dave Bolda & with Charmaine's aunt Lisa who is currently battling cancer. We're going to continue to do our part to find a cure. After the walk, (which my mom was worried she wouldn't be in good enough shape to finish) they started playing the Gangnam song well that was all my mom needed to hear after crossing the finish line to get her pumped her celebrate finishing her very first race.


My mom & sis
Charmaine's Famous Heel Click!:D
My Mom @ the 3 Mile Marker...WOO HOO!

My oldest son Josh & me!:D
We Miss & Love You Dad! We're doing our part in your honor!


vanessa mercado said...

Very cool grandma!! :D Kisses from VV!!

Sera Yun. said...

hahahahaha your mom is hilarious! Really funny! I guess the Gangnam Style is invading even the cool Lisa Petrarca's family :D

I know about The Price is Right cuz I watch and is an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother. The host is Bob Barker, is it? Anyway, we don't get that here, but I'll try to youtube that episode :D

The quote was fantastic! I seriously gonna live like that. Cuz it's none of my business what they think of me, what I think of me is the most important thing! yeah

Great walk! Cheers to you and your family yea
Have a great day Lisa :) :)

Lucy said...

That is one cool grandma. She is in great shape. She looks like she is fantastic condition. So happy there was such a big turn out.

bravegrrl said...

your man is soooo awesome!!! oh my goodness, i love it!

great job guys!

and your son... yeah... cutie pie!!!