Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Me, My Mom & Sister Stacy

My mom came down for a visit & to watch 3 of my youngest son Elijah's football games (she's never been able to see him play in person) and also walk in the Stop Cancer 5K (see previous post HERE) with us..so we were really looking forward to it.

I had signed up with an on-camera audience website a while back to go watch one of my fav dance shows live. They kept my email address on record and I received a PRIORITY ticket to go see THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Watch here if you miss the episode on 10/17/12). Priority meaning, guaranteed entrance, no waiting to get in for hours & the possibility of making a good impression with the producers to actually get on the show and win some big prizes!

I knew my mom & sister loved the show so I clicked on the link and scored my tix. Everybody was really looking forward to it & we planned on wearing our "Miracle Walker's" shirts from our 5k, which was perfect since it's cancer awareness month. While waiting to talk to the producer a man came up to us who was in line quite a ways behind us & said, "Are you Dave Bolda's family?" (my dad's picture was on the back of our shirts.) He proceeded to tell us that he was down visiting from Utah & is a Provo Firefighter who worked with my dad on several search & rescue missions. He wanted to tell us what an amazing man my dad was! We couldn't believe it...what a small world! Well we all fought back the tears (didn't want to ruin our camera ready makeup) gathered ourselves up, very grateful for the wonderful words and knowing that even if we didn't get picked...that made our day!

We headed to the interview section which happened while we were still in line, they just scooted a group of about 15 of us forward a few feet away from the crowd & while still in a line we spoke to the producer for a quick 2-4 minute "impression session." After we finished we knew that one girl in our group was IN for sure (Brittany) she was a character & turned it on during her interview. As we headed to wait to go inside while they made their decision, several people came up to my mom & said, "You're SO IN!" They were high fiving her and said you'll see. They didn't even hear the interview...they just saw how cute & fun my mom was (she has fans wherever she goes!;D) Once inside were put in one section & then after the producers came in & looked at us a few times, someone came over & moved us closer to the edge (wink, wink)...okay, that was a pretty telling clue that one of us was getting up there! SO PEOPLE...now you can tune in or dvr TOMORROW'S Price is Right show & watch to see if any of us actually get up on stage let's hope ("the camera adds 10 pounds theory") isn't true!! Sorry, but no info allowed until the air date 10/17/12, well detailed info anyways!! 


Lauren said...

OMG--what a fun experience..will have to tune in! Congrats!

You all do look very fun and adorable!


DUTA said...

I like the funny picture .
The paragraph with the man who knew your father is very moving.

Kimmy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I haven't kept up either. So much has been going on...some good and some, well...dealing with a death in the family is not so good. So I'll be blogging about all that soon.

That's so awesome your mom made it up on stage of the Price is Right. My husband and I went to the Price is Right back when Bob Barker was still hosting but we didn't make it on stage. I guess we weren't as outgoing as the "interviewer" people had hoped for...lol! I must say though, the show set is sooooooo much smaller than they make it seem on tv, right?! lol

It was so good to hear from you and I hope all is well with you and the family! I miss being on here but I had lost my bloggy mojo for awhile. Hopefully I can get back in the groove of things again. It's funny how I hadn't even popped in for a couple months and there you left me a comment 3 days ago. :o)

bravegrrl said...

so awesome!!! i love the picture! classic :) great smiles... you can feel the love!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s perfect!