Monday, November 19, 2012

Falling Behind-Dancing, Walking & Games

Since I started my blog I've become so addicted to adding images with my posts that it's caused me to fall way behind on my postings. For example...every year I do a post and pictures of the annual Homecoming dance...which I still haven't officially done (officially=posting to my blog not just Facebook.) I have so many cool pics and want to share the big day with all of you. Wait till you see the amount of kids that were at one house before the dance.
Elijah & his homecoming date Sarah

I also haven't updated my son's CIF football games which by the way...his team's been winning (semi-finals this Friday.)
Elijah after last Friday's BIG second round CIF win 52-14

We also did another walk in my dad's honor to help stop the #1 cancer killer-LUNG CANCER. I don't know about you but with all the fundraising & awareness for breast cancer, I somehow thought it was #1. It really hit me at the lack of fundraising efforts and publicity that lung cancer receives.
Post set up along the route in memory of my dad
 So my sister, son Josh & his girlfriend headed to San Diego to pound the pavement.
My oldest son Josh, his girlfriend Charmaine & my sister Stacy
So now you've received a little preview of my upcoming posts/pictures...if I ever get around to spending the extra time to catch up (fingers crossed.) I think it's important to post these life's a sort of journal and fun to look back on years later to see what was going on in my life way back when. The details seem to get lost in the memory of events if they're not written down.

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Seems like a nice place to live Lisa, especially on a gray miserable day in the UK!