Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Embarrassing Weekend Confessional

I shared this story on Facebook and decided, why should I limit a good laugh to only my FB friends. So here's my own personal "Embarrassing Moment Weekend Confessional"

I was at church, sitting with my legs crossed when I noticed a lump in my jeans just above my calf. I ever so discretely reached my hand up the bottom of my pant leg and pulled out a pair of underwear that had obviously gotten trapped up there when they came out of the dryer!! Yep, I'm a very classy and sophisticated lady...NOT!lol only me!!!!!!!!


DUTA said...

Well, judging by the picture , you've got great legs, and great jeans - and that's all that matters.

Melissa said...

That's hilarious!

<3 Melissa

bravegrrl said...

soooo hilarious!!! i love it!