Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Jacket:Reversible Mademoiselle Plume, Sunglasses: Gucci
I'm the person who never wins anything. I don't enter contests for that very reason. Now you can imagine my surprise when I was contacted via Twitter that I'd won! Huh? How can that be? It must be a scam. I dismissed it for a few days, but when they contacted me again and told me that I'd won via a Fashion Blogger's website that I follow, my curiosity was peaked.  I clicked on the site, Trop Rouge and there it was, (be sure to click the link to see how Christina wore it). I love her laid back, effortless, cool style. 

The one day that I just happened to comment (which for those of you who follow my blog know that I haven't been very consistent with my posts lately let alone commenting on my fav blogs) there was a contest going on. My comment on Christina's AWESOME jacket was the winning comment! SERIOUSLY? Me. A winner?
I went to the website link Comptoir Des Cotonniers, to pick out the jacket. FREE. My very first jacket from the fashion capital of the world...PARIS! Woo Hoo...YAY Me! (Oh sorry, I was having a little dance party with myself for a minute.) I initially wanted the white w/black...reversible jacket. But the more I thought about it the more I knew that black and red...the exact same one that Christina was wearing on that lucky day was the one for me too.

My hubby still didn't believe me and said, "Ya right...they're going to send you a jacket from Paris for free. It's a scam."

"NO it's real...I researched it." I insisted.

So a week after I submitted my order my Comptoir Des CotonniersParis - Mademoiselle Plume jacket arrived with this note:
It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE jacket. It's light weight, non-restricting and moveable. This is important for me because I have REALLY broad shoulders...which I often refer to as my "football shoulders." I love the splash of unexpected bright red that adds a spark to any outfit. And the most important thing, (other than that it was free of course)'s so warm. Living by the beach even the summer evenings can get a bit chilly. I now have a year round "go to" jacket.
Jacket: Comptoir Des CotonniersTop: Zenana Outfitters, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Bamboo
If you're looking for a great jacket...head on over and get yours from Comptoir Des Cotonniers and be sure to check out all their great summer fashion looks HERE.

Don't forget to visit, follow, and comment on Christina's very cool fashion blog TROP ROUGE. You may end up a winner too!
I had to share a close up of my new flats by BAMBOO. I wear them with EVERYTHING! 


DUTA said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm glad you've finally become a winner. The black & red jacket is superb and fits you perfectly. Enjoy it!

Tanya said...

I like it.

Hi-feszyn said...

Podoba mi sie twój blog <3
Jestem u ciebie chyba po raz pierwszy i z pewnością nie ostatni :*
Zapraszam do mnie :)
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