Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day...What a Day!

It's always nice to have a day just for you. A day when the people who are your heart come together and make you feel special. Yesterday, my Mother's Day was more than I could've hoped for. I was touched, moved to tears, heart My kids, sister, & hubby spent the whole day with me. There was lunch, shopping at the local street fair, presents (lots and lots of presents), and dinner...where my youngest son was working and he served us.
Time. What a precious gift. It's those moments that make it all worthwhile; fleeting, stand still, breathe in and hold it tightly. Right here and now. Words of love, affirmation and just knowing that this moment is perfect because it is filled with laughter, hugs, memories, and family. God's amazing gift...MOTHERHOOD.

Just when I thought this day couldn't be any more new son, my foster son, lil' J, wrote a special note on Instagram for me. It touched my heart to know that even though this child has been through so much with the recent loss of his mother to breast cancer, he's still able to open his heart. Share his heart. What a gift. To give your trust and love to someone who was a complete stranger 5 months ago.

God is good. He is amazing. He asks us to step up. To be the hands and feet of Christ. He will put things on your heart and ask you to say yes to where He's leading. The hardest part is, "Yes, Lord...Your will not mine." The easiest part is once you finally relinquish to His will...He works miracles. Miracles that you never imagined. A life transformed through Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, God blessed me with yet another confirmation of His life giving, restoring love. It read, "Happy Mother's Day to my new fun loving sweet mom Lisa. I love you and you do a lot for me and your the best mother in the world to me!!!!! Happy Mother's Day. #funmom #imhappyyourinmylife #yourawesome #yourfunny #iloveyourpranks #bestmother" And this was the picture he posted with it.
Never doubt that Jesus makes ALL things new! I hope you all had an AMAZING Day!


Lisa Maddox said...

Thanks for sharing Lis. That was awesome.

Lidia Frolova said...

Great photos, dear!

gvozdishe on Facebook

Debbie Petras said...

Beautiful Mother's Day post! I hear your grateful heart loud and clear. And you give all the praise and honor to Jesus. It's been much too long since I last visited your blog Lisa. Thanks for stopping by Heart Choices.

Blessings and love,

DUTA said...

What a touching post!
You're blessed from God with a loving family. Your kids see you as an ideal Mother and they show it to you through words and deeds.
The story with your new, foster son is amazing and very moving!

Enjoy your many presents, you fully deserve them!