Sunday, March 16, 2008

Track Events

Yesterday Elijah and Adam ran in the city track meet. This is an annual event and the boys have actually been training with the High School Track coach everyday leading up to the event. They did really well, Elijah place 2nd in the 400 meters (wasn't happy about getting 2nd) and 1st in the 200 meters. He now qualifies for the Orange County Meet. Adam placed fifth in the 400 meters and he qualified in the high jump after jumping 4'1. He was really excited because he usually doesn't qualify for the next level.

So I'll try to figure out how to add their video of the event to the blog and let everyone watch it (almost like you were there)!

Remember to find a way to make a difference in someones life tomorrow.....and yes, even though its MONDAY!!LOL!

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