Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bridal Shower Fun

Last weekend my step daughter, Natascha had her 3rd Bridal Shower. I wasn't able to make it to the last one because of my contact lense fiasco/ER visit. So I was happy to be able to make it this time.

The food was AMAZING...I took several pictures, well you know me, I'm always taking pictures, but I took more than normal. This Brunch was to die for & the lady who put it on made everything herself, even homemade granola!

Tasha had a huge turnout & got so many presents, I don't know how she is going to fit everything into their apartment!

It's exactly 1 month till her wedding...I can't believe it!


Tashy & her soon to be sister in laws.

Tashy & Me

These are cupcakes they boxed up for us to take home.

The happy couple!

My fav was the French Toast Casserole...of course!


Social Couture said...

There is something so sweet about this post and your blog. I really enjoyed it. French toast casserole...are you kidding me?! Sounds like a little slice of heaven. We are always looking for new ideas and I think I may have to use this one...Thanks for the inspiration.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a fun and lovely beautiful people. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome ! Sounds (and looks) like real fun! xxx

bravegrrl said...

wow, looks like a fun shower!

and you are one pretty lady :)


DUTA said...

This is a happy post : a happy Tashy, an amazing brunch, lots of presents, lovely pictures of happiness.
I like the photo of Tashy and you Lisa, in particular.

April said...

Ok...FUN and YUM!!! I really hope you got some of those recipes...especially for the French Toast Casserole! I wish I could have been there to participate in the fun!! Tasha looks so happy!

bravegrrl said...

hey gorgeous! thanks so much for being so cool... i hope you have a great weekend too :)


Lucy said...

Beautiful pictures. Your step daughter is very pretty and matches with you nicely. The food made me hungry. Looks like a happy bumch

dee said...

What an adorable couple! Looks like everyone had a great time!

DailyDivaDish said...

What a fun event and a beautiful couple!
XO Piper

Leesa said...

What a beautiful couple!!
Thanks for sharing this fabulous party!! I really wish I was there in person... Looks FANTASTIC!!!! And wow-- French toast casseroles- never heard of it but what a concept!!

Hugs to you... and have a great week!