Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation, Wedding & Summer...Oh My!

We have exactly one week until the kids are out of school. But this summer is going to be very busy for the Petrarca household.

My stepson Dillon graduates on June 17th, with honors...we are so proud of him.

On July 16th, my stepdaughter Natascha is marrying the love of her life, Jeremy, whom she's been dating for the past 7yrs., so he is already family.

Then as we progress into summer, we have football (passing league, two-a-days & action picture taking) for Elijah.

Just when you think, "Wow, life is really changing as the kids get older, we'll finally slow down a little bit!" Then I realized, "There is always going to be something going on."

What was I thinking?

We have 6 kids!

But I wouldn't change a thing.


Anonymous said...

I agree. New transitions, new beginnings, and hand-in-hand there will always be something going on... something with its own unique beauty that makes life sweet.

Tj and Amy said...

sounds like your going to be busy for a while! I sooo wish I could be there for the wedding :) wish i was rich!