Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preview of Too Much Stuff

I normally try to update my blog at least 3x a week. But I've been so exhausted. Football passing league has started & I've been taking pictures to send out to the players & parents. The picture taking is the easy part. Going through them all, downloading, cropping, organizing & sending them out is the part that takes FOREVER. So needless to say, I have 3 memory cards completely full of 4 different passing league games. Tomorrow is one of the biggest games against Mater Dei & I don't have a single card left! This should be interesting, not to sure how creative I can get with this one.

I'll probably be scrambling around before the game trying to get them onto the computer, screaming, "WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG!"

I've also been trying to go to bed a little earlier so I don't "lose it" on my family (4 hrs a night catches up with you pretty quick). Funny how it ALWAYS seems like it's everyone else & not ME whenever I get upset...even when I know I'm exhausted.

So just a little preview of some upcoming posts:

PAYBACK-Yes I did finally get my husband back for locking me out & I even got some'll love this post!

FOUND AT LAST- My brother passed away 19 years ago & left a very special gift that we finally found. This will be a bit of a tear jerker, with pictures of the present of course. I will post this on the 4th of July (the anniversary of his death).

So thanks for bearing with me & my slow posting...I promise I'll be better!


Anonymous said...

We'll wait for the pictures of 4th July! xxx

gaelikaa said...

I could have written this post. I have the very same problem, although I love blogging. Thinking of you. xxx

Lucy said...

Can't wait for the pictures on the 4th of July. And yes Petrarca, I am happier now. We 80 year olds sometimes have to get past heart aches, as well as body aches, but life is good, even when things don't look so rosy.

DUTA said...

It's good to be active, but not exausted, and 4-hours of sleep is not enough. So, we'll wait patiently for your posts & pictures hoping that in the meantime you'll get some rest.

Have a blessed weekend!