Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hawaii On a Budget-PART II

The second day in Maui, Hawaii, we planned on heading up the road to Hana. We were a little nervous because we both get EXTREMELY car sick. Last trip to Maui (7 years ago), we didn't even attempt it. I've always regretted it & swore that if I ever had the chance to go back I'd do it. We were prepared; armed with our trusty motion sickness wrist bands (purchase at any drug store-THEY WORK!) I woke up & made some sandwich's, grabbed snacks & water (which saved us a ton of money & gave us the opportunity to find the perfect picnic spot.) We headed out at 7:00 am to beat the tourist buses (this was the best thing we could've done.) We were able to hit several key spots before they caught up to us. So let's get going!

First stop was just off the highway, a quiet little surfing town, Paia. We stopped, talked to a few locals, there was a nice little swell & my hubby needed to get the insiders scoop. I definitely recommend talking/picking the locals brains for cool spots.
 A few miles up we saw cars parked, even though it wasn't on our map, we stopped & did a little hike. There wasn't a waterfall but the view was incredible! (*note: be sure to bring shoes to hike in, trails are wet, muddy & slippery.)

The Mile Markers were a little confusing at first on the lower part of the road. They went up, so we thought we missed some sites, but then realized they started all over again & we were back on track.
Between Mile Marker 19 and 20 is Waikani Falls (Three Bears Falls.) We found ourselves speeding by it & my only shot was from the car. (*Note: Be prepared for quick stops-the falls just appear suddenly as you come around a turn.)
 A couple of turns later, we noticed a waterfall deep in a mountain so we pulled over onto the shoulder & walked over to get a better view. Turns out, it was only visible from a certain spot on the road & there were no trails. There was a small rush of water & a cool old shed to take a few shots.
*Note: Be sure to wear comfortable hiking clothes...I was glad I did by the end of the day!
~*My next post-(Part III)- will feature two of my FAVORITE spots along the Road to Hana!*~



सुन्दर फ़ोटो, BEAUTIFUL PICTURE,

Anonymous said...

Lisi, FINALLY on the computer after weeks and weeks of "not being." I love your pictures and posts---absolutely gorgeous and wonderful! I'm so glad you got to go---you all deserve it! Love you bunches! Mommy

Miss Molly said...

ahhh wow. it looks incredible. It really is my dream destination!

Kimmy said...

Awesome!!! I want to go back to Hawaii. It's been 12 yrs and trying to convince my husband now that we have our daughter is proving to be a little more difficult.

Can't wait to see day 3 :o)

Sassi said...

wow, those pics are sooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

hey dear,nice blog! have a nice day<3

Lucy said...

Great pictures!!!! I always wanted to go to Hawaii but at nearly 82 don't think I will try.