Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the Moment...Neglecting!

I miss my Blog!

I used to post every couple of days. Writing about random things that happened to me during my week, but since I decided to post about all the MUST SEE places in Maui, I find myself needing more time than usual to post the best pictures out of over 300+ that I took AND find the mile markers to coincide with them. No easy task! Especially since my next post is my FAVORITE spots.

Then there's my book to finish typing, pictures to download, Bible study, weekly Prayer requests/story's to get out, football games, team dinners...etc., etc.

The problem is I enjoy them all and in the moment...I can do them all. But time is stingy and seems to get in the way of all I need to do...I need more of it!

My hubby tells me I always put too much on my plate, over-committing myself. He's probably right, but I get excited about things...in the moment...feeling like I can accomplish everything I've said, "YES!" to.

So something has to give...and it appears, to be my Blog lately.

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