Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jullien's Boxing...Not Happy!

The other day I clicked on my son, Juj's Facebook and came across this picture.

I assumed it was just another photo shoot. For those of you who are new to my blog, he's a model in New York. I also came across some other pics from New York Fashion Week & a magazine.

Jullien at Rochambeau Presentation New York Fashion Week

So I called him to find out about the boxing photo shoot, only to hear something I didn't want to, "NO MOM, it's not a photo shoot, it was an underground boxing match," he replied.

I guess this is a big, popular thing...read about it in this New York Magazine Article CLICK HERE. And another New York Times Article about it CLICK HERE. Yes, I researched it to find out what exactly this is that my son's doing.

At first I didn't believe him. I'm not sure why, he's always loved fighting (no, not you're typical model.) He played football as a linebacker for a D1 high school and loved to hit! But as much as I personally love going to boxing and MMA matches, I NEVER wanted any of my kids to do it. Football's one thing, but getting hit in the face & head without protection is quite another. As I ran down the list of reason's why he shouldn't do this again (career, teeth, face, head injury, insurance issues, etc) his reply was, "It's only every 4-6 months or so, besides I won!" Then he sent me a short video of the fight to show me how good he was.

Jullien's been good at anything he's ever done. He's just a natural athlete, which has always made me proud...but not this time. I just want to make sure he's safe & making good choices and decisions. He should know that of course he'd be good at boxing, but that's not the point. I told him, "All the fights aren't going to be that easy." But unfortunately, he's 20 years old now. He doesn't want to listen to his mom's reasoning. He had fun, he won, he won money. So all I can do is hope that the things I told him will sink in before the next boxing match; or he books big and constant modeling gigs which will keep him out of the ring.

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Whoa! Your son really looks good on this sport. But yeah your right. You won't know what will happen on the next match.

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