Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

I wanted to share some special memories with all of you. I will add a few captions, but the pictures truly speak for themselves.
My niece Zoey & her grandpa
It snowed the morning my dad passed-his favorite
Looking out my parents front door-the sun immediately came out after my dad passed
The police escorting my dad, (in front, beside & behind) on his final drive through the city
As we drove in the police lined up in honor of my dad
Zoey would not leave her grandpa's side
My dad laid to rest beside my younger brother John

Zoey kept a hand on my mom & sisters back during the entire service


Kimmy said...

These pictures sure do speak a thousand words. I'm so deeply sorry for your loss, Lisa!! I wish there were just the right words to comfort you. It's just so hard to lose the ones we love. All I can do is extend a virtual hug your way. ((((((hugs))))))

p.s. I thought you would like to know, one of the verification words I have to type in to post my comment is "vetern". :o)

Lisa Petrarca said...

Oh thank you Kimmy. Just so grateful that his service was so special and upbeat. That's so cool about the verification word.

Dixie Mom said...

Oh, that Zoey is precious. What a great little soul she is. I hope you are feeling uplifted and alright.

Anonymous said...

My Lisi, thank you for posting such beautiful, memorable pictures at Dad's graveside services. What an incredible job each of my children did with their tributes for Dad at the funeral services. The obituary you wrote was so very special! This is such a difficult time for all of us. Having lived this with the loss of your brother twenty years ago, I know what to expect this time around. I am trying so hard to be stronger than I was with your brother's loss, but at that time, I had Dad to help love, support, strengthen and hug me ~ no longer. While I dread the days ahead, I find comfort knowing that I have the love, support, encouragement and concern of each of my six beloved children. Thank you Wheez, for the incredible and constant blessing you are in my life. I am grateful. Mommy