Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Times Too Short!

My Dad's Police Dept. Retirement Party & our family (November 2011)
I got a text from my mom today saying that my dad was asking where I was. I've been wanting to go back to Utah ever since my dad's health has been failing, but I've had to work. Today when I got the text, I knew that I needed to go right away. I've been struggling all day. Just knowing that he isn't doing good and knowing that he's wondering where I am.

I talked to my boss today & she said, "Just go! I'll be fine." Then I had to talk to my knew bosses (I have another part-time job that I just started on Monday.) That was really difficult because I'm not a flaky person and knowing that I just got hired and have to ask them if it's okay if I don't come in next week was really hard...I felt bad. But they are awesome guys and were totally understanding. They told me not to worry about it at all & take all the time I needed.

I feel really blessed that I can leave to go spend whatever time my dad has left without stressing about work. 

He's put up such a valiant fight against this terrible disease, lung cancer. He's been so strong and sure that he was going to beat this. His original diagnosis, inoperable 4th stage lung cancer, left us with hope for at least a year. But my dad's a fighter and his year turned into five years. Unfortunately it eventually spread to his brain and after going through several rounds of chemo & radiation, he is now completely bed ridden. I don't know how much longer he has and as I head out to go see him tomorrow (11 hour drive), I pray that he'll hold on until I get there. I need some time with him. I need to tell him how grateful I am to have had a step-dad who's raised & loved me as his own. He sacrificed so much for our large family, and has been an example of unselfish love. During times like this, I want to remind each of you to take advantage of each & every moment you have with your loved ones. You never know how long you'll have with them & it never seems to be enough time.


Dixie Mom said...

Drive safe. I know it is the most important thing to be with him right now.

Anonymous said...

Lisa all my love and support goes to you and everyone. It is hard to lose a parent as I have. Mine was unexpected and I never got to say goodbye or that I loved him. He knows but tell Dave how much we all love him. Be strong.
Love to all,

Lucy said...

I am so glad that you can spend some time with your dad. It has got to be hard being so far away from him. You are all in my prayers.