Sunday, July 22, 2012

We Picked Up Two Hitchhikers Last Night

When I was a little girl, years ago on family vacations...we'd see tons of people hitchhiking. It was usually scraggly, disheveled, sketchy looking people and I remember thinking as a young girl, "Who would ever pick them up? They just look like killers!" I was always glad my parents never even thought about it. That was then...when things weren't as crazy as they are now-a-days (now that statement makes me sound really old, as if I should've added, "sonny" in a shaky, elderly lady voice at the end of it:D)

I would NEVER think about picking up hitchhikers now-a-days. As matter of fact, I can't even remember the last time I saw one. I think even the scraggly, disheveled, sketchy looking people are afraid of getting picked up by someone who looks normal but has some crazy mental issues going on. Now you can imagine my surprise last night when I found myself purposefully picking up not just one but two hitch-hikers together. Ready, willing and able to put them in my car with my husband and I.

Flashback 24 hours ago: My hubby and I were out on a date night. Elijah is in Arizona attending the ASU football camp (he did GREAT by the way-making it to 1st Team Linebacker in the final 7 on 7 game.) Oh wait sorry, that's for another blog post...back to my story~lol! So we went to eat at our favorite sushi place, Full Moon Sushi. Of course we ran into several people we know, which pretty much happens every time we go there. Then it was off to Baskin Robbins for a Banana Royale with vanilla ice cream, caramel topping, whip cream, nuts & cherry (aka-"the usual" to the people who work there!;D)

We were about half way through when my hubby said, "There's two young girls hitchhiking out there!" Me: "No? Really? Where?" As I twisted and turned to see outside towards the street. Hubby: "See right there," pointing in the direction of two young high school girls wearing similar outfits: short-shorts, tennis shoes, tank shirts with another baggy t-shirt over it with deep cut arm holes...both of them holding their thumbs up, straight out towards the busy street. Me: "Oh no way! What are they thinking? We should go give them a ride!" Hubby: "What if they're two little psycho's who'll stab us in the throat the minute we start driving?" Me: laughing..."Ya right!" then silently thinking back to all the horror movies I'd watched over the years and second guessing myself. Hubby: "Well, do you want to?" Me: Now unsure, the whole knife wielding scenario running through my mind, but I said, "How would we feel if we heard on the news later, TWO MISSING LOCAL GIRLS FOUND DEAD?" Well that was all he needed to hear...obviously thinking of his own daughter. He quickly got up saying, "Let's go!" Me: "We're going to do it? Let's just say a prayer for protection then," as I stood up still shoveling my ice cream in my mouth. He was already half way out the door saying, "C'mon."

They hadn't gotten very far when we pulled up next to them. They kind of backed away from the car as they leaned down to look in. I was wearing a hat and dark sunglasses and you all know my hubby is sleeved (fully-tattooed) on both arms, so I don't know how safe we looked initially. But I said, "Do you guys need a ride?" They stood still looking at us, looked at each other and then finally said, "Ya thanks." As they got in they said, "Where are you guys headed?" I said, "We live close by, where do you guys want to go...the beach?" Most of the kids around here go to bonfire party's at the beach and so I figured that's where they were headed. "Yes...thanks."

As we started driving I said, "We saw you guys while we were eating ice cream and I was scared for you. You shouldn't be hitchhiking...there are so many crazy people out there!" They just said, "Yeah, we know."  I said, "I only took a ride from someone one time in my whole life back in the 80's. My car had broken down in an isolated area of the 10 fwy-Via Verde. We didn't have cell phones back then so I was stuck and it was getting dark. An older latino man stopped and offered me a ride to the nearest phone. I didn't have many options so I said yes. In the 80's all girls carried Aqua Net hairspray to keep their big hair big." They both laughed...I'm sure picturing all the 80's spoof's they'd seen on t.v. I said laughing..."Now you guys know how old I am!" Then continued,"So I had mine in my purse. As we drove the 10 miles or so to the nearest exit, I talked calmly with the guy but my hand was on my hairspray, ready to spray him in the eyes if he didn't pull off at the first exit. I also looked to see if the door was locked in case I needed to jump out of the speeding car onto the freeway. As we got closer to the exit, I was sweating, my heart was beating so fast, it was ringing in my ears and I was sure he could hear it too. The anticipation of my fate making me almost sick. When all of a sudden he pulled off exactly where I'd asked him to. The relief that swept over me was like nothing I'd ever felt. I felt so lucky." They quietly listened and I said, "Girls, please don't ever do this again! You never know what can happen. My story could've ended very differently." We talked a little more, it turns out one of the girls went to Fountain Valley High School and will be transferring this year as a junior to Newport Harbor High. The other girl lives in Orange and was just visiting her friend. I can't imagine how their parents would feel knowing what they were doing. Kids often think they're invincible. I just hope they get it...I pray they will! We pulled up to drop them off at the bonfire and I asked, "Will there be someone there to give you guys a ride home? If not, I'll give you my phone number and you can call me...I'll pick you up just to know that you guys are safe!" They assured me that they could get a ride home. My parting words to my two hitch-hikers: "Okay, PLEASE don't EVER do that again!"

And my two little hitch-hikers probably never will after getting picked up by a protective, story telling, lecturing mother!LOL!


Sera Yun. said...

wow! this is interesting.

well, the mentality happening in Malaysia nowadays is to never talk to strangers. This hitch-hiking thing is a big no-no now as parents are very protective of their children and the children are too scared to do it, due to the many news of murder, kidnapping, serial killing, etc.

I am envious of the olden days where you can talk to strangers with respect and trust, even to hitch-hike your way across the country. When older people tell their stories of youth, I am just jealous! How can people live so modest and laid back back then? Back then youth were daring, brave and ready to explore everything!

Nowadays it's all being scared of becoming the victim of raping, kidnapping, killing for organs, prostitution, etc. Scary world, no?!

Hope the two girls are fine and glad that it was you and your husband who had picked them - if not, the worst could have happened.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I will talk to my brother again once I get back in next 2 weeks time. I think he needs me!

Have a great day ahead, Lisa :)

Lucy said...

You did the right thing lecturing those girls. There may be some down on their luck hitch hikers but I really think I would not take that chance.

Anonymous said...

So glad it was you who felt inspired to give them a ride. I NEVER EVER hitchhiked (even in the "safer" such thing, by the way) and I never knew my daughter did! LISA MICHELLE!!! I do remember that as a teenager, I felt invincible; I was "too young to die." (Really smart thinking.)Glad this had a happy ending, as far as you know, and I hope those two "invincible" hitchhikers learned a valuable lesson. Love my girl (and glad you're still alive! Mommy