Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't Make Me Go Karate Kid On You!

Last weekend, after Anthony did the Pastor Chuck Smith Memorial Paddle Out and we walked down to watch Adam & Elijah's beach flag football team play (that was our first time watching and will be another blog post in itself…drama!) We decided to walk back to the pier again to get Ruby's for lunch. While we were walking back, there was this pelican just hanging out on the railing.
Me: "Hey, why don't you get really close to it so I can take your picture? Hubby: "Okay." There's not very much he refuses me anymore after almost 14 years of marriage when it comes to taking fun pics or new adventures, well…except for going to haunted houses during Halloween. I tried and tried but he won't budge, he hates being startled. 
So my hubby cautiously inched his way up as the pelican was primping himself. Once he got really close, I started snapping away.
All of a sudden the pelican seemed to notice that someone was right next to him. He slowly turned around and looked at him, which made my hubby quickly back away…and everyone walking on the pier started cracking up, including my hubby.
Then Mr. Pelican slowly assumed this position as if to say,
 He turned around with one final look before settling in to enjoy the cool, foggy, fall beach day.

Just another fun day at the beach here in Orange County!

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~Trish~ said...

AWESOME pictures!!!