Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm in Maui, Hawaii! I thought I'd be posting everyday, but I haven't had any time!

We got here last Tuesday...hmmm where to begin?

We've driven the road to Hana (absolutely incredible.) Taken the "off limits" road to circle the island (not the smartest thing, but I thought they were just trying to keep tourists away & I was afraid I'd miss something good!) It turned out to be the "ugly" desert, desolate side of the island. With a bumpy old single lane dirt road for MILES, oh well...

We came to Maui to watch my son's football game-which they won 48-10! Elijah played an awesome game at Linebacker. He didn't get as much offense as normal (running back,) but that will come later I'm sure.

Today we went to a Maui church, which was just like the one in the movie Soul Surfer. Loved how it wasn't enclosed. Then we just hung out and body surfed, putted on the golf course in front of our condo & had a relaxing day.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to paddle board...looks like fun, we'll see how easy it is! Wish I hadn't watched Shark Week before I came here!:(

Feeling a little nervous!

Here's a few 'Phone' pictures until I can get home and download the good camera shots!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Baby Ari will officially be going home on Thursday, August 25th....the PERFECT place for her to wake up! Thanks to all the AMAZING Prayer Warriors from around the world! God has heard and answered!

There is one last Miracle we need to Pray for, please join me in Praying:

"Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your Love and Miracle working Power & Glory. You have heard and answered our Prayers on Baby Ariella's behalf. We come to you in COMPLETE FAITH AND TRUST. We ask you to please step in and wake up this sleeping Angel, Ariella. Restore her to complete health. We ask that Your Will be done in all things. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost Time

I'm making my last minute check-lists before we head off to Hawaii tomorrow.
I never realized that having a dog and someone staying at your house to watch her, is like leaving your kid. There are so many instructions, as to Allie's daily needs (food, walking, habits...)

I had to laugh when I was petting her this morning and felt guilty for leaving her! 

she wont be smiling once she realizes we're leaving her.
I'm also packing and then unpacking, as I try to fit 1 weeks worth of clothes into a carry on suitcase (I refuse to pay the fee.) However, this presents a huge problem for me...I want to take so many 'just in case' items that I don't know how I'm going to pull it off. Wish me luck!

*This was my very first post from my BlackBerry. I finally figured it out so now I can post while in Hawaii. My pictures are going to be via my phone (aka not very good) until I get back and can post from my camera.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I just received some incredible news from Megan (Ari's mommy.) Please click on her link...we are all witnessing a miracle in the making!

Prayers work...keep them coming!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week-Jullien Herrera Red Models

Red Model-Jullien Herrera for Codes Combine Innerwear Ad
With Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week looming just around the corner (September 8th, 2011) it's time for all the Agency's to post their line-up/boys to book. Top men's agency, Red Model Management has taken a fresh new approach to this age old process of posting pictures. They've added some style, charisma and live personality to showcase their boys.

So here's a little preview...and look for my son, Jullien Herrera (3rd dancer in the beginning) always the ham (mr. personality,) but I have to admit, my boy can DANCE!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maui, Hawaii...Here I Come! Suggestions PLEASE?

The last time I went to Hawaii (Maui) was about 7 years ago when my son, Jullien's, 8th grade, undefeated Pop Warner Football team beat the crap out of the Hawaiian team (actually felt bad for the other team-it was a slaughter!) We spent most of the time surfing (well my hubby & Jullien did-I took photo's.) 

Now, we get to watch my youngest son, Elijah's, High School team play their season opener...a total GIFT & BLESSING-read how it happened (HERE).

This trip, I want to see everything! I felt like I missed so much site seeing. I wanted to drive the Road to Hana, but I get so severely car sick & heard it was a ridiculously windy road, so I chose not to...but regretted it ever since. Now, armed with my trusty 'Wrist Bands with a Pressure Point Ball' to alleviate the sickness, I'm compiling a list of MUST SEE places/hikes/things to do. This is where all my wonderful bloggy friends come in (YES...THAT'S YOU!) Please leave any suggestions of places you've been to & loved in Maui. We'll be there for a week. THANKS & remember the more info/idea's the better, I'm an adventure girl & love exploring.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kelly Slater Wins Nike US Open of Surfing!

Before hundreds of thousands of spectators, I was able to maneuver a front row spot on the pier and snap a few pictures during Saturday's "Expression Session" featuring all the big names of surfing, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Sunny Garcia and Taj Burrow. Let's just say they did not disappoint!
The legendary, 10x ASP World Champion, Kelly Slater, who hasn't won the US Open in Huntington Beach, California since 1996, took home the $100,000.00 First Place prize. He made it to the finals by scoring a 9.77, on an incredible, giant Hail Mary backside 'no grab' air reverse.  Then in the finals, Kelly scored an 8.5 to start off the round. This put Yadin Nicol, chasing a perfect wave to compete. never came and Slater seemed to be in the competition all alone. On a final wave, before the buzzer, Slater had position but gave it up to Nicol to at least give him a chance.

(Now that's the sign of a true Champion!)
Kelly Slater
Taj Burrow

Alejo Muniz
Dane Reynolds
Kelly Slater heading out
Rob Machado Barreled 
Joel Parkinson
Occupational Hazard=Spectator Souvenir
 Kelly Slater landed on top of the wave
Joel Parkinson
Taj Burrow
Sunny Garcia
  The annual Surfing Competition leaves our beaches virtually unrecognizable, as the swarms of people cover the sand.
Congratulations are a TRUE CHAMPION!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

UPDATE: Baby Ariella-A Mistake or A Miracle!

Baby Ariella's last photo on the ventilator
Just received an incredible update for Baby Ariella (drowning victim) who's been fighting for her life. It's yet another answer to so many prayers. Today, in the early morning hours, a nurse made a "mistake" which actually turned out to be an answer to the very thing we've been hoping & praying for. AND just in time...she was due to have a trach put in on Friday.

Please stop by & read, Nana Charlene's message!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Joshy!

23 years ago (August 1, 1988), I gave birth to a HUGE (almost 9 lb) baby boy. He came out looking like he was 5 months old. A full head of black hair & he raised his head out of the hospital bed to look at everyone with his huge brown eyes.
Picture on the left (9 months pregnant)-I carried him like a fake beach ball in my stomach, which is why we were all so surprised he was so HUGE!
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son! He was always the All-Star in whatever sport he played, always the fastest guy on the team. He never had to put forth much effort, it just came natural. Which probably spoiled him a little bit. But it always made me so proud when everyone would say, "Wow...who is that kid, he's so fast?" 
Which I'd quickly reply, "That's my son!"

Joshy & Jullien (top two pics)
Joshy, Papa Joe & Elijah (bottom pic)
In high school, his friends would call him to do things on the weekend, but he was content to just hang out at home most of the time. Which always surprised my hubby...but I was glad! I loved never having to worry about him. 

Now that he's 23...I'm grateful I still get to spend time with him. We take family surf day trips & today we celebrated his birthday by going miniature golfing & go-cart racing.

I don't know how 23 years have gone by already, but I cherish every memory as if it was yesterday!