Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin

Having five days off for Thanksgiving was AMAZING! I haven't had that many days off in a row in a long time.

What is it about staying home for the holidays that makes you so lazy? We didn't do much except eat, watch movies, sleep...A LOT, and do absolutely nothing. I guess you never realize how much you need a break until you get one. I was able to finally catch up on my sleep...insomnia seemed to magically disappear during the holiday too.

We went to my in laws house first, tried to limit our portions to be able to eat at my sisters a few hours later. We didn't do a very good job...I was still stuffed by the time we got there.

With tons of leftovers the last few days I've been getting my daily dose of tryptophan from the turkey...which I think has been contributing to my new love of sleep.

Today was my last day off and I slept in till 12:00 pm this is what a holiday is all about!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Petrarca Familia

Our kids...missing my two boys-Josh & Jullien (we'll all be together at Christmas YAY!)

My hubby modeling

Mr. & Mrs. Moss- 1st Thanksgiving as a married couple!

My sister in law and kids

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jullien Herrera for Sean Jean "Ready To Work" Line-Macy's

Sean John (aka P Diddy) has created a new fashion collection for the working professional. The latest looks while classic, still have a street smart, cool vibe that signify's P Diddy's personal style.

Here's a few looks from Sean John's Blog, featuring my son, Jullien Herrera. The Sean John Holiday 2010 "Ready To Work" fashion collection can be found at Macy's Department stores.

Sean John's latest Holiday 2010 "Ready To Work" line is sold exclusively at all Macy's Department Stores.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Flight

While shooting a football game a few weeks back in Newport Beach, CA, I noticed these two ducks just cruising around the field enjoying the warm, sunny day, completely unafraid of the action that was going on around them.

They took off, flying low across the field.

I thought they were going to land in the middle of the field, causing the refs to stop the game.

But they skimmed over the top of the players heads and landed in the other end zone.
(double click for larger view)

I was so absorbed with shooting them that I missed a really good run by our team...oops...focus!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Check Out the View

I was sitting on the couch as the sun was setting. At this particular time in the evening a glare comes through our sliding glass door, blinding us from the t.v. I jumped up to pull the blinds closed, when I saw this!

So I grabbed my camera & went outside...

These are the simple moments that make you stop & take notice.

Yes I'm spoiled...beach living makes daily life picturesque.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Jullien

Today is my middle son Jullien's 19th birthday. It feels weird that he isn't here with us to celebrate, living so far away in New York leaves me with only my Blog to mark his special day.

Jullien was my shadow...never allowing me to leave his sight for a moment. He was always very sickly when he was little. He developed pneumonia before the age of 1 & seemed to have bronchitis & asthma problems forever after that. As weak as his health was, his inner strength more than made up for it. He had such a strong, determined will in EVERYTHING he did. He expected nothing but perfection from himself.

His athletic abilities made him the star of every team he was on, baseball, basketball & football. He pushed, until he surpassed his own personal expectations of his self. He was fearless, never shying away from a challenge & there were many. In baseball he always played up with kids 2 or 3 yrs. older than himself, even under those circumstances he made every all star team.

double click to view larger

One particular year, at 10 yrs. old playing on the 11 & 12 year old all star team, Jullien received his uniform with his name spelled wrong. He went into the dug out to tell one of the coaches, who smugly replied, "It doesn't matter anyways, you'll be sitting on the bench." The coach figured that he'd be strictly minimum player because he was so young. Well that comment made Jullien so angry. He said, "I'll show him!" And he did...he became the starting centerfielder & had the second highest batting average in entire District 62.

He continues to carry that complete determination & drive as an adult. When people tell him he can't accomplish something or isn't going to achieve his dreams for whatever reason...Jullien pushes harder. He has truly mastered the saying, "Never Say Never." When others doubt him, or he doubts himself, he digs deep down, turns to his faith & trust in the Lord, pushes, seeks, & perseveres beyond the doubts.

Jullien w/ Pete Carroll

Jullien Varsity Linebacker

vacation-Jalama Beach

modeling in NY

Calvin Klein Presentation

William Rast/Justin Timberlake Fall 2010 show

Hisham Oumlil Fashion Show

My son is an inspiration. His fearlessness & inner strength, encourages me to tackle the unknown, chase after the hidden impossible dreams within.

I'm so proud of my son & the man he's become!



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Parties & Posters

We lost our football game against Los Alamitos 21-26, but it was so cool to see the kids on t.v. Elijah ran a 50 yd. kickoff return to start the third quarter & had several other great runs...I was really proud of him. The announcer even praised him for being a smart player when he tucked the ball in instead of trying to reach it out farther to get the touchdown & risking a turnover.

Read Article HERE

Edison's Elijah Herrera runs the ball in the first quarter during a game against Los Alamitos at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach. (Scott Smeltzer / Huntington Beach Independent)

I wish I could take the game I recorded (DVR), & put it on a DVD to send to the family! Do any of you know if it's possible?

Two weeks ago we went to the school to decorate for our big "Battle of the Bell" game against our rivals Fountain Valley. We had to be there at 2:00 a.m. & every inch of the school got postered. Here's some was still dark out so I couldn't get the far away pic.

How's that for decorating a school!

My handsome hubby!

The parking lot party before the big game

Elijah #26 makin some moves

Elijah scored his 1st Varsity TD in this game! WE WON!

Taking a breather in between plays

So next week we head into playoffs as the second seeded team.

I'm actually done with my pictures for the year (I take for JV). This should free up a little time, BUT I still have 3 games to edit & send out. I fell WAY behind!