Monday, January 12, 2015

After Holiday Pictures/Post

My blessed to add our new son lil' J
Well we made it through Christmas and the New Year. It was actually pretty smooth. I had my shopping done before Christmas Eve (miracles can happen!) ALL my kids were with us this year along with their significant others. We went to an awesome Christmas Eve church service.

My boys gettin' down to the Christmas songs

Family + Beautiful Girlfriends

Next stop was my brother & sis-in-law's for dinner and a gift exchange.
The older kids exchanged gift cards (white elephant style where they picked numbers, then blindly picked cards and could steal from each other.) it's always so much fun.

This was a pic I took at my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary...we had it put on Canvas.

Then my competitive family headed outside for a basketball game. They peeled the layers of dressy clothes off as the sweat began to build. We take our sports seriously. I loved that the girlfriends joined right in. You better be ready for adventures in this family!
Elijah trying to dribble around his big (little) sister;)

We got home by 11:00 p.m. and all the kids stayed the night. We had hot chocolate, popcorn and watched Elf. Then it was present opening chaos first thing in the morning before every body headed off to make the rounds to other family members houses.
And this is my heart!

This was seriously one of the most special Christmas's we've had in a LONG time. ALL the kids together makes my mama heart soar. Yes...I'm SO BLESSED!