Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the Moment...Neglecting!

I miss my Blog!

I used to post every couple of days. Writing about random things that happened to me during my week, but since I decided to post about all the MUST SEE places in Maui, I find myself needing more time than usual to post the best pictures out of over 300+ that I took AND find the mile markers to coincide with them. No easy task! Especially since my next post is my FAVORITE spots.

Then there's my book to finish typing, pictures to download, Bible study, weekly Prayer requests/story's to get out, football games, team dinners...etc., etc.

The problem is I enjoy them all and in the moment...I can do them all. But time is stingy and seems to get in the way of all I need to do...I need more of it!

My hubby tells me I always put too much on my plate, over-committing myself. He's probably right, but I get excited about things...in the moment...feeling like I can accomplish everything I've said, "YES!" to.

So something has to give...and it appears, to be my Blog lately.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Opportunity Knocks

On Friday night, Elijah Herrera (#9) had his Varsity football game against, Dana Hills High School. He plays Linebacker & rotates in at running back for the Edison Chargers. He didn't get very many offensive rotations in the first half of the game, but played Linebacker the entire 1st half & did great on Defense. We had a 6 point lead (13-7) heading into half-time, which is a little too close for comfort.

Elijah #9 Linebacker- you can find him by his self designed bright yellow Nike cleats!
Making the tackle!
At the start of the second half, Elijah was put into the position as the main running back, when the starter became injured. He didn't waste the opportunity. He quickly took, hand off-after hand off, 10 yards at a time, moving the ball down to the end zone, breaking tackles to finally score on a 40 yard touchdown run.
Waiting for the hand-off

In life, we each have moments of opportunities. Things that seem to fall into our laps. We can run from them in fear and doubt, or we can choose to face it head on.

I'm so proud of Elijah, he stepped up, never fearing that he wouldn't be good enough. He was ready and he made the most of his opportunity. He had 10 carries and ran for 103 yards. Propelling our offense to a huge victory, 34-13.  
Elijah's (#9) break away 40 yd. touchdown run
He was interviewed by a reporter for the newspaper after the game. He ended the interview by humbly saying, "The offensive line did an excellent job tonight."
 Giving them credit, knowing that without the lineman blocking for him...his accomplishments wouldn't have been possible. I'm so proud of him! His hard work, dedication & trust in the Lord helped him step up, 'When Opportunity Knocked.'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hawaii On a Budget-PART II

The second day in Maui, Hawaii, we planned on heading up the road to Hana. We were a little nervous because we both get EXTREMELY car sick. Last trip to Maui (7 years ago), we didn't even attempt it. I've always regretted it & swore that if I ever had the chance to go back I'd do it. We were prepared; armed with our trusty motion sickness wrist bands (purchase at any drug store-THEY WORK!) I woke up & made some sandwich's, grabbed snacks & water (which saved us a ton of money & gave us the opportunity to find the perfect picnic spot.) We headed out at 7:00 am to beat the tourist buses (this was the best thing we could've done.) We were able to hit several key spots before they caught up to us. So let's get going!

First stop was just off the highway, a quiet little surfing town, Paia. We stopped, talked to a few locals, there was a nice little swell & my hubby needed to get the insiders scoop. I definitely recommend talking/picking the locals brains for cool spots.
 A few miles up we saw cars parked, even though it wasn't on our map, we stopped & did a little hike. There wasn't a waterfall but the view was incredible! (*note: be sure to bring shoes to hike in, trails are wet, muddy & slippery.)

The Mile Markers were a little confusing at first on the lower part of the road. They went up, so we thought we missed some sites, but then realized they started all over again & we were back on track.
Between Mile Marker 19 and 20 is Waikani Falls (Three Bears Falls.) We found ourselves speeding by it & my only shot was from the car. (*Note: Be prepared for quick stops-the falls just appear suddenly as you come around a turn.)
 A couple of turns later, we noticed a waterfall deep in a mountain so we pulled over onto the shoulder & walked over to get a better view. Turns out, it was only visible from a certain spot on the road & there were no trails. There was a small rush of water & a cool old shed to take a few shots.
*Note: Be sure to wear comfortable hiking clothes...I was glad I did by the end of the day!
~*My next post-(Part III)- will feature two of my FAVORITE spots along the Road to Hana!*~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11-Where Were You on that Tragic Day?

Most people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on that tragic morning of 9/11/2001. The day our world changed forever. 

I was awakened by a frantic phone call from my friend Debbie, "Lis, turn on your T.V., we're being attacked." 

A little groggy, I said, "What are you talking about?"

"A plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers!" she said, "They think it was intentional."

As I turned on my T.V., confident that she was mistaken & it was just a terrible accident, another plane hit the second Tower. I sat there in disbelief, "This is America, this doesn't happen here," this thought running through my mind. I continued to listen while getting ready for a doctor's appointment for my son, Josh. He had a dislocated elbow...skateboarding injury, which happened while vacationing in Utah & needed to be checked once we got back home. I ran back into the bedroom as the announcer's said in horror & disbelief, "People are jumping."  Then the Tower's crumbled. I drove to the appointment in a daze. Wondering what was happening...it was unbelievable. We reached the appointment, the staff was watching it all unfold on a small portable T.V. I stood by them & watched. There were no words to describe how everyone was feeling...just silence.
Looking back, 10 years later, the memory brings to mind not only shock, disbelief, horror, & sorrow for all those who lost their lives, but also the memory of the Love, Unity, Strength & Compassion from the people of the United States. We drew closer, as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, reaching out & giving to strangers as if they were family. It pulled us together, showing us that Love truly conquers ALL.
The devastation and lives lost will always be remembered. The incredible acts of bravery, giving, sharing and sacrificing for others in need will also remain etched in my mind, as the day our Great Nation overcame the unthinkable and grew stronger through Love! 
"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10


Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Ariella Update: Happy Birthday

As many of you know, Baby Ariella was in a near drowning accident & through prayers from people all over the world, she has continued to improve. Yesterday this little Angel turned 1 years old. On her Birthday, she gave her family a gift...a blessing, a new sign of hope & encouragement! 

Visit her Caring Bridge site to read the entire story. Please feel free to sign the guestbook with words of hope & encouragement for her & the family!  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Hawaiian 'Budget' Vacation (Part 1)

 Taking a trip to Hawaii while on a budget can be challenging...but I found the deals! This trip was everything I could've hoped for and more. I'm going to let you in on my secret spots, deals, and tips to make the most of a vacation in this tough economy.
First off, I found a 'package deal' 1 week before our planned arrival date. We booked our's through Orbitz.com (flight, condo & car, for an entire week, all for $920.00 per person!) Our seats weren't initially together for the flight over, but I went up to the ticket counter & was able to get the 'Exit Row' (extra leg room) at no extra charge & together.

view from the plane arriving in Maui
Our condo was gorgeous (Aston Papakea, in Maui.) They don't upgrade rooms, but when I requested a room away from elevators/stairs...to accomodate my request, we were given a garden/ocean view, 1 bedroom condo, instead of the original studio, garden view only room, ( can you say, UPGRADE?)
views from our room...
 We received a small, economy car, which was perfect due to the high prices of gas and our desire to site see the entire island.

The next morning we headed out to Costco to stock up on breakfast, lunch & dinner items. Deciding to only eat out one day on the trip. This saved us a TON of money! I packed lunch for us everyday & we were able to have picnics at isolated, gorgeous spots, away from the crowds. When we got back to the condo, the home cooked dinners out on our patio was a perfect, relaxing, end to our days. 

My hubby wanted to surf while we were there, but after checking around, most people wanted $100.00 with a $100.00 deposit to rent a board. After walking all over Lahaina (even an old house we'd rented from 7yrs. ago) we became a little frustrated at the prices. Then my hubby remembered a friend of his back home used to live on Maui. He gave him a quick call.
He sent us over to Augie & Stephanie's house, (local artists-who sell art out of their home in Lahaina.)-awesome people! They gave us a board for free to use during the week. (This board deal may be difficult to work out, but before you head over to the islands, ask friends of friends who might know someone who lives there...you never know until you ask, right?)

Augie cut (this is an art in itself) us a fresh, delicious, coconut from his yard to drink on our long
walk back to where we parked by the famous Lahaina Banyan tree.

Augie cutting our coconut He left a soft center so we can just push it open when we were ready to drink it.
 Famous Banyan Tree (planted in 1873)
Mmmm just what we needed on the hot, humid day! 

**My next post...PART II (Click Here) ...I'll take you to some great hidden spots around the Island!