Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Preview of Too Much Stuff

I normally try to update my blog at least 3x a week. But I've been so exhausted. Football passing league has started & I've been taking pictures to send out to the players & parents. The picture taking is the easy part. Going through them all, downloading, cropping, organizing & sending them out is the part that takes FOREVER. So needless to say, I have 3 memory cards completely full of 4 different passing league games. Tomorrow is one of the biggest games against Mater Dei & I don't have a single card left! This should be interesting, not to sure how creative I can get with this one.

I'll probably be scrambling around before the game trying to get them onto the computer, screaming, "WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG!"

I've also been trying to go to bed a little earlier so I don't "lose it" on my family (4 hrs a night catches up with you pretty quick). Funny how it ALWAYS seems like it's everyone else & not ME whenever I get upset...even when I know I'm exhausted.

So just a little preview of some upcoming posts:

PAYBACK-Yes I did finally get my husband back for locking me out & I even got some'll love this post!

FOUND AT LAST- My brother passed away 19 years ago & left a very special gift that we finally found. This will be a bit of a tear jerker, with pictures of the present of course. I will post this on the 4th of July (the anniversary of his death).

So thanks for bearing with me & my slow posting...I promise I'll be better!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party in Laguna Hills

Last night our good friend, Mike Robbins had a HUGE birthday party with over 100 of his closest friends. Most of you are probably thinking I'm joking, but this guy doesn't know a stranger. He even keeps in constant touch with everyone of them!

The party was in Laguna Beach Hills, in the huge homes directly above Pacific Coast Hwy., that overlook the ocean. The same homes that the kids who were on that show, "Laguna Beach" lived in. You remember, it's a lot of the same cast that are now on that show, "The Hills," Lauren Conrad & Kristin Cavallari.

Ya, so can I tell you how amazing the home was...pretty incredible! I was going to take my camera, but then felt weird so I left it in the car. Besides, once it got dark I don't have a big flash attachment so my pictures suck. But I definitely wanted to share the awesomeness with ya'll (I've been hanging out with my teenagers too much lately..."awesomeness"?

(I pulled these off the internet to give you an idea).

It was definitely a lot of fun, they even set up a dance floor (black & white faux slate) on the landscaped third level, where the band was playing.

I haven't been dancing in ages so once everyone got out there, I dragged my hubby out & he finally had to pull me off kicking & screaming & make me go home (jk), he had to work at 5:00 a.m., so I left willingly. But dancing is my weakness, I LOVE IT!

We had a great time, the food, company & Fashion made me feel like I stepped onto the set of LAGUNA BEACH!

However, even if I had that kind of money, I don't think I could live there. I would constantly picture this Laguna Beach mudlside, which happened a few years back, YIKES!

But it's definitely an incredibly beautiful place. So for those of you planning a vacation this should add this to your list of must sees!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

He Locked Me Out

Today I decided to go outside and sit in the sunshine to write my book. I usually try to do about 30 min. each day. This is hard for me because I'm definitely not a very disciplined person.

So my husband gets home, starts trying to joke around with me & I tell him to leave me alone so I can writing is serious business, LOL!

But really, it can be super annoying when you're trying to focus & everyone continues to distract you.

He headed into the house, locked the door & looked through the window at me, trying to be funny. I just ignored him & went back to my writing. About 15 min. later, my phone started to ring (which was in the house). I tried to get in & it was still locked. The boys had left & my husband had gone upstairs to take a shower.

There I sat, locked out of my house in the backyard.

I yelled for him...nothing. I opened the garage door, went around to the front, knocked, banged & yelled (I'm sure the neighbors thought the new people were having some crazy fight or something.)

By now, I had to go to the bathroom & I was MAD! I went back around & started screaming towards our upstairs bedroom window. He finally came down, laughed a little and said, "Oh sorry, I thought I unlocked it before I went up."

I said, "No you didn't...OOOOOOO just you wait! I'm going to lock you out on purpose and see how you like it!"

Then I stormed upstairs to change for my sons football passing league. I continued to give him the silent treatment till about half way through the game. Now, I just have to wait for the perfect opportunity! Yeah I'm like that, PAYBACKS...It's sooooo on! hahahha

Monday, June 21, 2010

Her Goal Was To Walk

So many times in my life, I have felt sorry for myself if things aren't going my way. You all know what I'm talking about, the little pity parties we all sink into at one time or another.

On Thursday, at Dillon's graduation, I received a much needed slap upside my head, or you can call it an eye opener. A tear jerking, lump in the throat moment that screamed out..."What do you have to complain about?"

Back on December 29, 2007, I posted about my son's friend Natalie Buchoz, who went on a Christmas vacation ski trip. On the day of the accident I wrote on my Minti parenting site asking for prayers. Here was the post:

My sons very good friend Natalie (15) was just in a very serious ski accident. This was her second time skiing, she was going full speed and could not stop. She headed into the dip where the ski lift poles are and was launched approximately 25 ft. in the air. She landed on her back and was unable to feel her legs. She was flown to the hospital where she is currently undergoing a 4 hour surgery. I would like to ask everyone to pray for her. Her sister will be calling my son when she gets out of surgery. Thank you for your prayers.

Two and a half years later, this strong, courageous, willful, young girl set a goal to walk up & get her High School Diploma. I'm happy to say that I was there to witness & take pictures of this AMAZING accomplishment.

Throughout her intense daily therapy & workouts, she pushed through the pain using her "NATTITUDE!" This was a description given to Natalie by all those who have watched her sheer determination to beat all the odds and walk, with her, "Never quit, Life is what YOU make it", Nattitude.

Here's a quote from her CaringBridge Website "Everyone wants happiness nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."


This young girl is an inspiration to all of us!


So Proud

Thursday my stepson Dillon graduated from Edison High School with Honors. I was so proud of him & all of his accomplishments. He will attend a Jr. College & then transfer to a Christian University...he wants to become a Pastor.

Congrats Dillon!

5 of our 6 kids (Jullien is still in NY but will be back for Tasha's wedding on July 16th for 2 1/2 weeks WOOHOO!)

My hubby & his kids

So we have four kids graduated & two left (they will be a Junior & Sophomore). Can't believe we are almost done...well I guess when you're a parent you're NEVER done!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bridal Shower Fun

Last weekend my step daughter, Natascha had her 3rd Bridal Shower. I wasn't able to make it to the last one because of my contact lense fiasco/ER visit. So I was happy to be able to make it this time.

The food was AMAZING...I took several pictures, well you know me, I'm always taking pictures, but I took more than normal. This Brunch was to die for & the lady who put it on made everything herself, even homemade granola!

Tasha had a huge turnout & got so many presents, I don't know how she is going to fit everything into their apartment!

It's exactly 1 month till her wedding...I can't believe it!


Tashy & her soon to be sister in laws.

Tashy & Me

These are cupcakes they boxed up for us to take home.

The happy couple!

My fav was the French Toast Casserole...of course!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today we were driving back from my father in laws house...we did an early Father's Day since they're leaving for a 1 month vacation to Canada. On the drive, my hubby was talking to his son Adam who was sitting in the back seat. He was starting to get a little bugged & flustered with him. When he finished with what he had to say, he said, "OK BYE!" He forgot he wasn't on the phone with him!! LOL...I almost peed my pants!

When I finally stopped laughing I said, " about ADD!"

He said that's nothing, when I ran into the store today, I got in line, put my stuff down & noticed they had juice boxes on sale. Just then the cashier says, "Hi, how are you?" I said, "Hold on!" Then grabbed the juice & came back. She was looking at me a little weird & I realized I told her to "hold on" like I was on the phone with her.


Time to take away his new IPhone!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation, Wedding & Summer...Oh My!

We have exactly one week until the kids are out of school. But this summer is going to be very busy for the Petrarca household.

My stepson Dillon graduates on June 17th, with honors...we are so proud of him.

On July 16th, my stepdaughter Natascha is marrying the love of her life, Jeremy, whom she's been dating for the past 7yrs., so he is already family.

Then as we progress into summer, we have football (passing league, two-a-days & action picture taking) for Elijah.

Just when you think, "Wow, life is really changing as the kids get older, we'll finally slow down a little bit!" Then I realized, "There is always going to be something going on."

What was I thinking?

We have 6 kids!

But I wouldn't change a thing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

America's Got Talent

Last night after cheering the Laker's on to their second win, I turned on America's Got Talent. I saw..."Fighting Gravity" this is so cool...they appear to float in midair!

**If the link doesn't work, just Google or You Tube "America's Got Talent Fighting Gravity"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Facebook-I Found Her

Can you tell they are from Utah? I was freezing & they're in bathing suits & sundresses!

I sometimes think of Facebook as my own detective service. I have found so many long lost, but not forgotten friends on there.

I lived in Utah in the 90's for 2 years and worked at a bank with an awesome lady! She was my manager & we just hit it off right away. We became fast friends and when I moved back to California, we vowed to stay in touch. But as the years, my divorce, moves & re-marriage happened, we lost touch.

A few weeks ago I decided to look her up on Facebook. There she was...looking exactly the same! It was too easy!

We "talked" exchanged numbers & she called me this weekend while visiting CA with her daughter & granddaughter who was performing at Disneyland.

We met for dinner on Friday, talked about the old days, laughed & hung out. It was like no time had passed at all since our last conversation, 15 years ago! It's weird how certain friendships can just pick up right where they left off. This was definitely one of them.

Saturday, my husband & I rode our bikes down to the beach and met up with them again before they had to head back to UT.

Vicki & her family are AWESOME people! So glad we were able to meet up. Thanks Facebook!

Stacey (daughter) & Vicki~Can you believe she's a grandma?

Friday, June 4, 2010

My New Beach House

I posted a while back about our move into a smaller place, which we absolutely love. It is closer to the kids school and the beach. Besides, it's so much easier to clean!

My middle son Jullien, is still in NY & wanted to see "his" room, which by the looks of his success (a campaign coming out and several magazines), I'm thinking it will probably end up being a guest room. He is currently apartment hunting. So weird that my 18 year old is so far away & supporting himself. Awwwe the life of a model!

Anyways, I took these pictures to send to him and thought I'd give ya'll a tour too.

I changed up my decorating style and gave it an Italian/European feel...guess I have a thing for not only Italian men, but decor.

Welcome to our new home....

The bottom of the stairs is as far as you'll get to the room tour...they aren't completely put together yet so they're off limits to viewers!

Allie our guard dog!

I like that it has a very homey, beachy feel to it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Take a Ride Through Newport Beach, CA

Monday we decided to take a different route on our bike ride, instead of going to Huntington Beach/Main St., like we usually do, we took a ride down to Newport Beach.

Of course I took my camera along so you could all go with me!

We road by this park...I have never seen so many squirrels in one place. There were probably about 20 of them just hanging out enjoying the beautiful day.

Next we headed to our favorite pizza place Rubino's and saw the Big Rubber Ducky cruising around...I made my hubby stand in front of it. He said, "Hurry up I feel stupid," through clinched teeth & a fake smile...can you tell?

How funny is this thing? I laugh every time I see it.

Riding down the boardwalk can be pretty dangerous, you have to watch out for the drunk bike riders!

32nd Street was the place to be when we were growing up.

Newport Beach is a large city with a small town feel, you always run into someone you know.

My hubby patiently waiting for me to finish taking my pictures. He said, "You look like a tourist!"

I SAID....

And kept on snapping this view from the boardwalk.

The yellow flag with the black dot means that particular area is black balled (NO SURFING). They designate certain times & areas for surfing because there are so many people in the water during holidays & summertime.

Notice how the girls like to hang around the lifeguards...tough job those guys must have! LOL!

Time to head back home.

After the boardwalk ends you head out to this road just behind the waterfront homes.

Cruising through Huntington Beach now, you can see that there is a lot more beach before you get to the water than in Newport. Yeah it's pretty tough to drag a cooler through the sand.

Finally home, turning the corner to our house...whew I'm tired!

One last pose for the hubby...thought I better end on a nice note after he put up with all my picture taking.

Besides I have one more place I need to convince him to take me. I'm addicted & it's my fav!

Doesn't it look like we own our own bike & surf board shop?

We don't, we just have 6 kids!

I did it!!!! I convinced him to top the day off with my fav, Baskin Robbins (31 Flavors) Ice Cream.

(2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, bananas, caramel topping, whip cream, nuts & cherry).

But I just walk in & say, "The usual!!!"

Hope you had fun riding through Newport Beach, California (the OC).