Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can I Ever Stop?

I was needing a little adventure last night, so I pushed, bugged, and relentlessly persuaded, or should I say, dragged my tired hubby, out on a dog walk to "Dog Beach." I had to promise not to bring my camera, which annoys him because I'm always stopping whenever something interesting catches my eye.

It was a beautiful, crisp, clear night. We made it all the way to the cliffs, running to make it past the opening, to the next strand of beach nestled back between the rocks, before I was overwhelmed with the urge. Then I stood there, looking, watching the setting sun over the ocean, missing something...a way to capture the moment. My memory is no longer enough...I NEED MY CAMERA! I need to share it with my friends all over the blogging world.

Then it hit me...I HAVE MY CAMERA PHONE! I whipped it out & began snapping away, only to find out I was out of memory. I quickly scanned through old pictures & deleted. Awwwwe, relief...I was able to snap a few.
As my hubby yelled, "C'mon...we're gonna get stuck in here, the tides rising fast." We were off & running. After making it back to the stretch of sand, I continued to shoot. I think my hubby just knows I'm a hopeless cause when it comes to pictures.
The sun slowly began to set beyond the horizon as I told him, "Right as it disappears, you have to kiss me & then we both make a wish." Perfect evening~hoping my wish comes true!

Can I ever stop?

Baby Ariella UPDATE: Our Family Visit

Ariella grasping Elijah's fingers
On Sunday we were finally able to visit Baby Ariella & we weren't disappointed. Please stop by her page and read the details...she's a living Miracle! Please continue to pray, throughout the day as she enters your mind. The Prayers you're lifting up are moving mountains!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The REAL World's Kickin My Butt!

(searching to notice more of these lifetime moment)
I'm exhausted! My boss's friend needed help at her office last week and all of next week. After my recent $800.00 car repair bill, I needed the extra money so I said I'd do it. But with my insomnia & working a FULL day between the two jobs, I'm WIPED OUT! I got home from work & took a 3 hour nap until 8:00 pm & then couldn't sleep all night. 

I'll admit it...I'm spoiled, with my normal 6 hour work days & Monday's off. I have a whole new appreciation for my schedule! 

Being a single mother for years, I worked full time and never thought anything of it...just did what I had to do. But now that I'm doing it again, "I yigh yigh!"

Funny how we take our life, situation, health, family, etc. for granted until it's taken away. My new motto, 
(seeking to enjoy all that's going on around me)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that friends of the family have set up a DIRECT Fundraiser page for Baby Ariella. 

Please click THIS LINK BELOW:


Baby Ariella drowned on June 29, 2011. The Doctor's gave her less than 24 hrs to live. She continues to fight and has proven to be a miracle. While she is still fighting to wake up, her parents ask only for prayers on her behalf.

This family shows remarkable faith in their hope of a miracle for Ari's complete recovery. Mom, Megan, spends almost all her time at the hospital watching over Ari, encouraging her to wake up. Dad, Nathan, after taking 2 weeks off was forced to go back to work to provide for their family of 6. Ari has 3 siblings: Jacob-7, Madison-4, who has cerebral palsy, and Tripp-2. We've been so inspired by the abundance of love and prayers on behalf of Ari and her family.

This sweet family would never think to ask for help, however we can all imagine what a financial burden this situation would be. Our goal is to put a small dent in medical bills/ living expenses created from this situation. We are asking for a donation to help Ari and her family, even small amounts add up! In addition to prayers, this is one way we can support this family. Many thanks ♥

***Also, you CAN give anonymously- you have to follow through with the entire donation process. After it has gone through it will give you the option to hide the amt and/ or your name. Thanks again so much!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So This is a...Picture Perfect Summer? visiting, beach trips, walks, surfing, ferry rides, football passing leagues. Just making the most out of each day on our Summer Staycation! Hope you enjoy a stroll through Southern California/Orange County, USA.


Monday, July 18, 2011

And We Stand All Amazed!

 I have so much to tell you, but I need to find time to sit down and put everything into words (family visits/pictures/football etc.) But in the meantime I've only been doing Baby Ariella updates, the importance of her situation seems to overshadow everything else. I guess you can say this little Angel consumes my daily thoughts. I find myself checking up on her throughout the day, waiting expectantly for good news on her daily progress. Well, today we received some AMAZING news and it only serves to lift our spirits in Hope and Faith. 

**Please stop by her site and read what happened today at the meeting with the doctor's & leave a comment for her family in the Guestbook.

All I can say is, 'We Stand All Amazed!"

Click Link:
Big Brother Jake & Baby Ariella

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Caring Bridge for Baby Ariella

Baby Ariella's Caring Bridge Website is now up & running. There you will find daily progress updates, pictures & a guestbook to leave comments of hope & encouragement directly to Ari's family. You can also sign up to receive email's with the updates. Please stop by...they read each comment & are so grateful to everyone for their love, prayers, support & well wishes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today is day #14 since the accident. This morning Ariella's reflex to pain and touch has returned! The doctor was checking her reflexes, as she does every morning and usually never receives a response, but today she was startled by movement! She said it's a good sign, but can sometimes happen on it's own, but it gives her hope. We however, are not startled as we know our Heavenly Father is closely watching over her and has His hand on her healing.

Okay all you Prayer Warriors, continue to pray for *increased response,*breathing on her own, *she will open her eyes & *wake up COMPLETELY healthy! We stand together in Faith & Trust during little Angel Ariella's Healing! Our Lord is Faithful & Capable of ALL MIRACLES!
Mommy Megan & Her Angel Ariella
 I also wanted to share with you Nana Charlene's recent update of more good news!

"Last night I dropped in to see baby Ari after a long day. Nathan's sister Michelle was there and Kathi Riddle, they told me to watch baby Ari's toes. To my amazement she was moving them. Just a little wiggle. Both feet! It was so sweet. We see you baby, we know you are there wanting to come back to us. They said she had been doing it for the last few hours. I was expecting the doctors to tell Megan this morning it was just spontaneous movement like earlier in the week, with other movement (they like to dash our hope like that.) But this morning when the Doctor came in to do rounds and did the typical pain test of pinching, Ariella responded. She is reacting to pain! Today is day #14. We are no longer calling it a coma, we are calling this a healing slumber. Our baby is trying to come back, through the prayers and faith of many. It will be in the Lord's time, not in our time. This is a tiny step in the right direction.  I am so grateful for the faith and prayers from you all. In Him all things are possible."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Soul Mate

Today is my hubby's 46th birthday. I'm so thankful to have married such an incredible man. When we met, I didn't trust men very much due to my past marriage. So, to say I had some baggage is an understatement. In the beginning I did things to sabotage our relationship, feeling safer to keep him at a distance rather than risk letting him get too close and hurting me.

Over the years, he stayed by my side...steady, loving, faithful and determined to break through my wall. He showed me what TRUE love is. I'm grateful for the husband, father & best friend he's been to me. I don't know where I'd be today without him.

 He truly is my soul mate!
Here's OUR SONG  

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ariella UPDATE: Keep the Prayers coming

My Gorgeous cousin Megan and her Beautiful Angel, Ariella
We are all anxiously awaiting the latest results of the MRI. There is supposed to be a meeting today with the doctor's...which was post-poned from yesterday.

**The current prayer needs are for healing of an infection Ari has (either staph or strep) which she is now on antibiotics for. She had a UTI infection that is now healed. Pray that the test results come back GREAT & that she will wake up COMPLETELY HEALTHY!

Thank you once again to all the prayers coming from around the ENTIRE world, Italy, Malaysia, France, Israel...I'm amazed at the love of so many of my blogging friends!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TODAY'S UPDATE: Baby Ariella

Ariella still currently has the brain function of a sleeping baby. Her eyes have not yet responded to the light, however they think it may be do to the medication she is on. I know that our body's use sleep as a healing process & am thankful that's exactly what seems to be happening with Ari. 

Tomorrow they will find out what the MRI says. It will let everyone know what to expect long term. We already know the Lord has worked His Miracle and the family is so grateful to all the prayers they've received.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

NHLBI Body Cooling Treatment

 My cousins baby, Ariella, is a part of this trial Body Cooling treatment at Loma Linda Hospital (Click Link Below.) Her temperature is now at 98 degrees. Praying it is a success in limiting damage to her. Please continue your prayers on her behalf!

(picture from website)
She is still in a coma, however her brain waves have increased & praying that she will be able to be taken off the ventilator soon! Prayers have been answered...she's still here!

Friday, July 1, 2011

UPDATE: Baby Ariella's Progress

 There is absolutely nothing worse than hearing of a baby fighting for their life. We have been in constant prayer for my cousins baby Ariella (drowing accident.) I just received the latest update and wanted to continue to ask my Blogging friends for their prayers!

"Ariella (Ari) is still in a coma. Her stomach is bleeding and her heart is working extra hard, but she moved her head today which is an amazing sign!!" 
Keep the prayers coming!