Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Addy Boy is 19!

I have been very slow in posting on my blog and especially my kids annual birthday posts. This is something they look forward to and my Addy boy asked me several times, "When are you going to put up my birthday story?"

So in honor of Adam, who turned 19 on April 26th:

From the moment I met this energetic, bundle of fun at the age of 3, I knew how special he was. He had an incredible curiosity, and non stop energy that constantly kept him on the go and our family running after him. We'd find him in trees, on the top of baseball diamond over hangs, at the park down the street or making a new random friend after we'd try to explain the dangers of talking to strangers. This boy however does not know a stranger...everyone he meets is a potential friend. Someone he can chat with and find out what they may have in common.

I actually love his ability to talk to anyone and would often send him over to ask questions at a grocery store, restaurant, etc. All the things that I disliked doing he had no problem with. It was a perfect fit. All of our kids seemed to like this quality of our little Addy and they too sent him on little missions. He was our little "go to" fear!

This same quality served him well in sports where he excelled in football, basketball and baseball...always giving his all no matter what he came up against!
  One of the most amazing qualities that Adam has is his incredible generosity. He is the most giving of our 6 kids. He will give you his last dollar if he knows you need it without hesitation. For birthdays & holidays, he can hardly contain his excitement. He will come with his wrapped presents a week in advance and continue to try to persuade you to open it NOW! He can hardly wait to see the joy his gift will bring.

When his older sister, Natascha moved into her new house, he immediately went out to buy her some items for her house. When he went to get food with his little brother he noticed Elijah's car was low on gas and had him go to the gas station where he filled up his tank for him. I could go on and on with all of the amazing things Adam does for his family. He has such a big heart to go along with his big personality.

Adam also is a very hard worker. He went out and found a job while in high school and after working at a clothing store for a while, realized that it was way too slow for his BIG personality. He then moved on to become a bus boy and quickly worked his way up to a waiter. This is the absolute perfect job for him! He gets to be on the go, which we all know he can't sit still for too long...along with being able to make new friends and visit with his customers. He makes great money and is also going to college.

We couldn't be prouder of our Addy Boy! He is such a blessing to our family and brings so much joy and life to each one of us.
 We love you Adam...HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!