Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stuff & More Stuff...

Thursday the Freshman football team played the J.V. team...kind of a pre-season, getting you ready for the real thing. Elijah did great, he made some key plays on defense (outside linebacker) and even had to cover Adam (who was playing wide receiver for the J.V. team). The freshman actually won...hopefully it's a good sign heading into the season.

On Saturday we're helping our friends move-in to their new's supposed to be in the 90's...whew I'm sweating already. Isn't moving the worst?

Speaking of moving, we are still trying to save our house. It's a joke really, we asked for a loan modification, which they gave us for 3 months to see if we could make the lower payments, which we did. Then they sent the final modification...hahahaha...JOKE! They raised our payment an additional $700.00 (WHAT? We asked for a reduction, not an increase!) Then they said we had to come up with another $10,000.00 AND they raised our current home loan amount an additional $100,000.00 OVER the current market value!!!! Of course we called and said, "Is this a must have made a mistake?" Their answer, "NO, take it or leave it." So we have one more final thing to try...I will be contacting the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank again (he's the one who stepped in last time and told the loan dept. to help us.)

I'm to the point that I just think, "Do we own the home or does the home own us?" It's always been my dream to own but it's been a nightmare trying to keep it and still feed the family. I'm just going to have complete faith. If we can't save our home, then the Lord has something better for our lives down the road. It'll be time to move on to a new chapter in our lives...the key is to have FAITH!

Now on to the rest of my weekend plans, Sunday~we have church in the morning and then a free day. Maybe I'll finally unpack my suitcase (still sitting in my room from my Utah trip). I'm the worst! Anthony keeps telling me, "C'mon, will you unpack that thing already? I trip over it everyday." Me, "I will, but you know it's there, how can you keep tripping on it? Just walk around it." Him, "Uh, because it's not supposed to be there!" Me, "OH's not that big a deal!"

As you can see I'm a total procrastinator and I always say that I'm going to get better, but some things are harder than others like uh...UNPACKING!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New York Fashion Week-Dazed & Confused

Jullien just left today to head back to New York for Fashion Week auditions. He's been home for almost 2 1/2 weeks (except when he left for 2 days to shoot a Jil Sanders Lookbook). I guess the last week of Aug. is model vacation time. His agent told him to NOT GET TAN! Ya good one, you try and keep a 17 year old, Orange County surfer out of the sun. He looks really good tan though...but his agent has him down as caucasian (which he is only 1/2) so he can get pretty golden in the summertime. Hopefully the Fashion Show bookers like his tan look too!

Typical Orange County Surf Day~Jullien lovin it!

He just had his first magazine come out in the U.K. It's a huge magazine over there~"Dazed & Confused". He was pretty excited, he had three of the four pages from the photo shoot. So of course I went on Ebay and got a copy of it for 18.99!YIKES! Here's the pics:

photos: Terry Tsiolis for DAZED & CONFUSED MAGAZINE
stylist: Nicola Formichetti

Agency: RED MODEL MANAGEMENT (click link)

It's funny how life can take a completely opposite turn than what you had planned. He went from a First Team All Sunset League Football Linebacker, being looked at by a model pretty much over night! How different can you get? He likes modeling, but says that the hardest part is being away from his girlfriend of a year and a half. I will definitely be sad if they break up, she's an awesome girl, but I know it will be hard for them to stay together.

Thought I would share some pics of the "regular" Jullien.

Jullien & Chelsea

Pep Rally before rival game against Fountain Valley

Jullien #9 (green & gold)-Just before sacking Mater Dei QB MATT BARKLEY (Now the 1st True Freshman to start this year at USC)

Handling the double team

Edison's 09' Powerhouse Linebacker's (#9 Jullien Herrera, #35 Jordan Zumwalt, #26 Matt Reza)- WE BEAT MATER DEI!

Us with my tall model boy! Just a regular kid plucked out of an ordinary life, headed for the BIG TIME.

P.S. He has a Details Magazine coming out soon...stay tuned for pics.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't Take the Yellow Pill!

Before running out the door with the kids, I grabbed the usual handful of vitamins (Omega 3, Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, B-12 and Acaii) I shoved them in my right pocket. Then shaking the bottles again I took out another complete set of the exact same vitamins plus my little yellow pill.

I had a complete emergency hysterectomy at the age of 35. I had endometriosis which had gotten outside of my uterus, wrapped around my intestines and had completely blocked them, hence the daily dose of Premarin 1.25.

I placed my handful into my left pocket. Screaming at the kids to, "HURRY UP or we're going to be late"...we rushed out the door to get them to their hell week football practice.

Now just so you know this is my daily morning routine, nothing out of the ordinary...rush, rush rush, interspersed with yelling. Once inside the car more yelling to, "Jump in and close the door, you can put your shoes on in the car!" Then as we're driving, I reach into my right pocket, pull out the daily vitamins, dividing them up between the boys as I try to navigate around the traffic to get them to practice on time. Then it's straight to work from there.

Once I got to work, I reached into my left pocket to take out my vitamins & pill. Everything was there except my little yellow pill. I didn't think too much of it, I thought maybe it had fallen out or I forgot to put it in my pocket during all the chaos.

After a long day, I picked up the boys, went upstairs, when all of a sudden my 14 year old walked into my room and said, "Mom, what was that yellow pill you gave me this morning?" My mouth dropped open then I quickly asked, "You didn't take it did you?" "Ya, I thought it was potassium since I've been cramping up at football." "OH NO...THAT WAS MY GIRL HORMONE PILL," I replied, quickly running over to the computer in a panic, Googling what effects a hormone pill would have on a teenage boy. His eyes were large, eyebrows raised up in shock, mouth dropped open before he shouted, "I WONT GROW BOOBS WILL I?!!"

Kinda like this!

I said, "I HOPE NOT," trying not to laugh. He sat next to me until we verified that he would be okay. Luckily nothing happens unless you use them over a long period of time, but I felt like the worst mom in the world. Who gives their teenage son female hormone pills? Oh yeah, ME!

I told him, "From now on if there is ever something out of the ordinary...DON'T TAKE IT!"

*********Note to self...SLOW DOWN IN THE MORNING!*********

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Received An Award

Today I was checking my comments and was surprised to receive an award from Gaelikaa. This was such an honor because Gaelikaa is an amazing person. She writes about her life in India, which fascinates really makes you realize how blessed we are here in America.

Here's My Award

The assignment is-
a)Write a few lines on how happy you are.
b) Pass it on to as many bloggers you can think of:

My Answer:
I'm happy because I am blessed with an amazing husband and family. Even though money is tight, I am the richest person in the whole world! The Lord has truly blessed me!

We all need to take some time each day to remember the important things in our life...the things that bring us true happiness.

I want to pass this award on to YOU and some awesome Bloggers:
KC Mom Maegan

I would like to encourage all of my visitors to grab the award and write about what makes them happy today on their's infectious!

Be sure to stop by this post by Robbie...scroll down and read this "Great Faith (part 2 of 7)".

This should be embedded in our bathroom mirrors to read each and every morning. Whether your married or not...THIS IS A MUST READ!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Weekend Ramblings

Why does it always seem like you need a vacation from your vacation? I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I felt guilty on Saturday because I did absolutely nothing...I didn't even unpack my suitcase. Finally about 7:30 p.m. we went out for sushi and a movie for our date night. The 10:00 o'clock movie was the best because there was no one in the theater at all. We saw, "A Perfect Getaway," which wasn't the best movie, but it did have a twist. If you are looking for a super funny rental you have to see, "I LOVE YOU MAN". We saw this in the theater a while back and I was laughing out loud the entire time (which I never usually do). It is a crack up...MUST SEE!

Sunday we went to church, went downtown had some pizza with the kids, checked out the surf to see if anyone wanted to go out (it was small and mushy) so we came home and slept again. I think I'm sub-consciously gearing up for school to start. Not to mention Hell Week starting tomorrow for Adam & Elijah. Which means tons of running around and early mornings for two a day practices. I also decided to seriously try to get in bed by midnight instead of 2 or 3 a.m. every day. Even if I have to lay there for an hour awake, I'm just going to make sure I'm off the computer by then (if any of you notice my posts are after midnight, PLEASE feel free to call me out!)

One more thing...I'm tired of feeling gross. I've been pretty lucky most of my life and never really had to work out or watch my weight. I've noticed lately that I'm really putting on the lbs. I think that my late nights (along with my 1:00 a.m. bowl of cereal) is packing it on me. I got on my mini stair stepper tonight with arm weights and did some floor exercises. I'm going to be more consistent...I don't feel good about myself at this weight so I'm making an honest effort to drop some lbs.

Well that's it for my lazy weekend ramblings....thanks for listening, I feel much better already!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Back

I had such a great time! I didn't do a whole lot, but I guess that's exactly what I needed. We took a drive up to Bridal Veil Falls (just below Robert Redford's Sundance Resort). Then we headed up to my sister's cabin in Heber...we took tons of pictures.

Brayden, Zoey, Tyce, Me & Dylan

SISTERS...Me, Stace & April

April & the kids

Bridal Veil Falls

Lake @ Heber

 Bridal Veil
My chubby lil' nephew Tyce~lovin his ice cream!

My nieces~Chloe & Zoey~wearing their Hannah Montana outfits.
On Friday we all took a drive up to Park City the kids went down the toboggans (I wanted to but hung out and took pics...only the kids went.) They also have a new zip line, which I will definitely do next visit (I was short on cash, darn!)

Park City, Utah

Nephew Jarod on the toboggan
Little Brayden went up on the lift to ride down with Jarod, but they wouldn't let him once he got up there. They said he had to ride with an 18 year old and sent Jarod down alone. After stressing out about where he was and who had him...they finally had him ride down with an employee. We were pretty mad that they wouldn't let my sister go up and get him, but it all worked out.

Zoey, my dad & me
On the way back me and my sis stayed the night in Vegas and went out to an AWESOME dinner at Hugo's Cellar and then dancing. We chose a mellow club because it was late and we were tired. We had tons of fun I'm out of shape though!

My Awesome Sister Stacy!

Heading out....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Cop Kodak Father of the Year

My sister entered a contest to nominate my dad, Dave Bolda for "Kodak Father of the Year". He was voted as a top ten finalist, they sent her a Kodak video camera to tape some footage. They will soon pick a final winner...CLICK HERE to see the video of my dad sharing his life moments, while battling 4th stage lung cancer.

We figured the more views, the more likely he'll be chosen. So thanks for taking a moment to watch...he could win a trip if chosen!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Made It!

We arrived in Utah tonight and I'm ready to have a RELAXING time. We don't have any set plans which makes it nice because you can just decide each day without feeling rushed from a schedule. Which is why I needed a vacation in the first place, to escape the fast pace schedule that is MY LIFE!

We didn't get to go dancing last night in Vegas, but we probably will next week on our way back home. We just hung out in our hotel and gambled a little bit, then sat back and listened to music & Karaoke singers in the Lounge. It's so nice to get sister time!

We took our time driving to Utah this a.m. Which is very good since me and my sister are both in a hurry even when we don't have to be. It was a nice drive. Except for the head of a coyote that was sitting in the middle of the body or anything, just a head...WEIRD! Not to mention the stomach problems me and my sister both had, which forced us to make frequent stops. I guess that's one way to slow us down. Why does that always happen on trips? There's nothing worse than having to use gross restrooms.

I'm looking forward to getting to spend time with my family, writing my book and taking tons of pics (which I can't post till I get back) AND LOTS OF SLEEP. Stay tuned for the always crazy happenings that seem to surround me and my family!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Joshy

The first words out of my little nieces mouth as she pressed her face to the glass to see her new baby cousin was, "Mommy, look at the baby monkey!" My sister tried to shush her as all the relatives gathered around to see, Joshua Michael Herrera.

Joshy was a chubby little butterball with a thick head of hair, which looked very different than all of the other newborn baby's. He was almost 9lbs. and could lift his head up to see all of the people looking at him. My first thought was, "Hey, I got ripped off...I wanted a newborn and I got a six month old", LOL!

He was a little spoiled and whenever his little neighbor friends would come over to play with him, he would run to whatever toy or bike they were on and say, "MINE, MINE, MINE!" Grabbing and pulling it away from them or pushing them off his bike. We had to work on this problem...but eventually he learned to share.

He excelled in everything he did. He was always faster than anyone on the field. During a very important baseball game one year, they put him out in center field and told him, "Help the other outfielder's catch the ball, I don't want anything to drop, got it?" Well he understood and when a fly ball went out to left field, Josh raced over, and jumped in front of the kid catching the ball. To the coaches delight and my horror as I sat by the kids parents. He did the same thing with the right fielder...he was so fast that he could catch every ball in the outfield before anyone else had a chance to get it, and thought he was just doing what the coaches told him to.

His first year in high school he broke the record for freshman football rushing yards in a single season. Followed by an amazing track year. His first 4x400 meter relay, he was the anchor. When he received the baton, we were so far behind the other schools...the other racers were already half way around the track. With his lightening speed and sheer determination, he caught the racers down the final stretch neck and neck with one boy...he pushed passsed him to cross the finish line in 1st, sending the coaches and crowd into an uproar of cheers. This display earned him an immediate spot on the Varsity team as a Freshman! He continued to dominate making it to the State CIF Championships as a Sophmore.

Record Holding Relay Team
Joshy has always been an individual...never caring what anyone thinks of him. His style is his own and his smile lights up a room. He has always had tons of friends and girlfriends. When he was 7, I had a neighbor girl come over, who was 14 and babysit my boys. When I got home, one of the boys told me the babysitter kissed Josh. Well, of course being a very protective mom, I marched right over and talked to her mom! This type of behavior from girls still continues..unfortunately I think he wouldn't like me talking to their moms anymore!LOL.

He has been such a joy to see grow and develop, through struggles and triumphs, as he becomes the man he is supposed to be. I'm so grateful for you Joshy...I LOVE YOU. Happy 21st Birthday!

Joshy & Me before his Senior Prom

Anthony & Joshy

Freshman Homecoming Dance

Prom Date (She won Prom Queen)~He knows how to pick em'...LOL~

Josh & Friend Jake

Joshy's First Car

Trip to Virginia City, NV (Josh wasn't happy about having to dress up!)

Birthday Surfboard