Saturday, October 31, 2009

High School Football Tickets on Craigs List?

It's been tough being consistent with updating my blog lately. With football season in full swing, I get writers block because all I can think about is football!

Oh speaking of football, did I tell ya that next week is a HUGE game for Edison H.S. Football? Ya well Freshman, JV & Varsity are all undefeated. We play our rival school Fountain Valley for the league championship.

The game was supposed to be at the local Junior College because it holds a larger capacity. However this year it completely sold out in 1 day! People are selling tickets for $30.00 or $40.00 on Craig's List. WHAT? Isn't that crazy?

They decided to move the venue to a larger stadium. It's now at Cal State Fullerton. They're selling tickets only to Edison students & the parents of students (tons of people couldn't get tix to watch their own son's play) I would love to hear if someone actually pays for those Craigs List tix when it gets close to game day because they couldn't get them anywhere else.

Anyways, to give you an idea of the stuff going on this next week to prepare. Tomorrow all of the parents meet to do posters, goody bags and clean & decorate the boys lockers (it's pretty gross!) Last year one of the boys had an old, smelly, moldy breakfast, not to mention the stench from their sweaty unwashed clothes! We bring tons of Lysol & fabric softner sheets to try to get rid of the smell!!

On Wed. the Freshman have a big dinner. JV/Varsity have theirs on Thursday. Then all the parents show up at the H.S. @ 2:00 A.M. (YES...I said 2:00 A.M., it's not a typo) on Friday morning to decorate every inch of the school with posters, balloons and signs along the street. It's a BIG tradition. It's not only for the championship, but also for the "BATTLE OF THE BELL". Which the winning school gets to keep for the whole year until the next match up. We've had it for the last 4 years.

It's going to be fun...I'll post pics. Also, they announced that they will broadcast the game live on the internet. I'll find the link and post it.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can You Fly a Football Player?

I promised to put up some pictures I took of the Edison High School vs. Newport Harbor game (56-22 Edison Freshman). To my surprise I caught the PERFECT shot! My son, Elijah, was returning a punt, when he juked this kid. In a last attempt to tackle him, the kid reached out grabbed hold of his belt and I captured THIS...

The Answer: YES. Elijah Herrera flew a football player like a kite!LOL!

Here's how his run progressed...

The other team couldn't bring him down...but he finally tripped to end the great run.

Anyways...I LOVE that first kite flying shot. I told him, "It looks like you're running so fast that you lifted him off the ground." I think I'm going to blow it up to a poster size and surprise him with it.

Here is his Touchdown run later in the game...

I was really happy with all of my pictures this week. I caught a bunch of shots in mid air of a lot of the players. The team is going to be really excited.

I'm such a perfectionist...I've been pretty upset with my shots the last few weeks. FINALLY some decent ones.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Win For Edison High School

We are on a roll! Last week the freshmen team for Edison H.S. won a hard battle against Esperanza 16-14. Elijah scored both of the touchdowns...which was very cool because it was his first this season. I told him, "You waited till it really counted!" That was our first official league game.



Juking & Out Running to the End Zone
He is having such an awesome season. He's spent his whole life on that field watching his older brothers play. It's so nice to see him finally out there showing HIS stuff! He also plays outside linebacker and is doing incredible on defense too. I'm so proud of him!

We just got back from their second league game against Newport Harbor H.S. We killed them 56-22. We put our second string in when it was 50-8. We had a complete team win...everyone played well. Elijah got another TD and caught several passes and had a great punt return juking about five guys.

I'll post some pics after I upload them. I LOVE Football season!!

SIDE NOTE: Our Varsity team is ranked #1 in CA and one report has us at 4th in the Nation...GO EDISON!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do you ever have those weekends that are so busy, you feel like you never even had one? That's how mine now it's only Tuesday and I'm wiped out!

It felt like a Monday. My boss had a huge project that I had to complete today (which I normally love because I like a challenge and when I'm busy the day fly's by). The problem was, I had to use his computer to do it. So, he left for the gym (he works out every day at 10:30 & then heads to lunch & doesn't get back until 2:00 p.m).

No problem, I knew I could get it done in that time frame. Well, it was soooo time consuming, but I finished it 15 minutes before he got back. Then he decided he wanted things to look different than he had previously said. I changed several pictures/layouts and made all the copies to get ready for their presentation.

We were on a time crunch and I was running out of time. He kept asking me, "How's it coming? Is it ready? I need that stuff!" I was stressing and some of the pictures weren't printing. Every time I tried to tell him he would say, "SHHHH...just hand it to me!"

I was still printing, but gave it to him and thought, "OK, I'll just add the extra pictures in as they come out." He yelled, "What are you still printing? I'm trying to put these all together, I thought they were all here." I tried to tell him what was happening, when he sooshed me AGAIN! I'm sorry but that is a HUGE pet peeve...I can't stand to be sooshed. I think it's SO RUDE!

Then I heard him say from the other room, "I can't do anything because SOMEONE'S on MY computer."

WHAT...Are you kidding me? It wasn't my choice to be on his computer, he didn't want to forward it to me and told me too.

I do pretty well to hold my tongue at work (unlike home when my husband tries to shoosh me.) But the problem with holding it in...I feel like I'm going to explode or cry! So I said, "You asked me a question and I'm trying to answer you." I don't think it came out super rude, but I think he knew I was mad. I was completely quiet after that. He tried to make a few light joking comments, but I wasn't in the mood. He told me thank you as I was leaving, but I was mad.

I left work 45 minutes late and felt like screaming! Once inside my car I could feel myself tearing up from holding in my anger. I hate to cry...I feel so weak. So instead of totally breaking down, I decided to rant and rave to all of you.

I hate days like this.........

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures Of An Almost 18th Birthday

I wanted to just share some pictures from Jullien's early 18th birthday (he won't be back from NY for the real one).

Grandma, Jullien & Papa

Chelsea (Jullien's girlfriend), Elijah, Aunty Stacy, Grandma Dianne, Jullien & Papa

Jullien & Chelsea

Jullien & his Aunty's (Erika, Vivian, Brigett)

We told Papa to give his model cracked the boys up!

The model boys!!

Papa trying to be taller than his boys!

Tashy & Anthony (Sexy Face!)

Jullien & Elijah

Me and Baby #2

Cousin Tristan (He kept blowing out the candles as I would light them...LOL!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Celebration of Life

It was a very different weekend, we celebrated Jullien's almost 18th birthday on Friday because he will be in NY on his real birthday, Nov. 14th. On Sunday we attended a "Celebration of Life" service for our dear friend Joanne Phillips who recently lost her 10 year battle with breast cancer. Stop by her Caring Bridge Website and read about her...she was an amazing lady!

I have to say that it was one of the most inspiring services I've ever attended. You see, Joanne was a woman who brought sunshine into a room. She always made you feel as if you were the most important person around. She never let on to anyone how sick she was or how much pain she was in...she had a cheery smile, warm hug and sincere interest in everything that was happening in YOUR life.

At her service, one of the speakers asked for audience participation. He asked everyone to close their eyes and picture Joanne, then he went through a series of questions. The final one asking, " Now, while your picturing Joanne, do any of you picture a woman battling cancer? Raise your hands." Not one single person lifted their arm.

At the end of his talk, he concluded with having everyone stand up and giving the loudest standing ovation to Joanne. This was who she was, she didn't want a funeral...she wanted a celebration of life. She wanted others to know about Jesus and that she was now free of all her pain that she so bravely hid.

She was a fighter and part of that fight included being positive. Her strength, determination, joy and spirit was an inspiration to all who knew her. She blessed so many people's lives. I know I personally want to strive to be a better person. One who doesn't sit around complaining about problems in my life or aches and pains I may be having.

Goodbye my friend...until we meet again!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday John-We Miss You!

Today would've been my brother John's 41st birthday. He passed away on July 5, 1991 due to injuries sustained in a car accident.This year was the first year that I decided to have a birthday party in his honor.

I bought Filet Mignon to barbeque, potatoes, salad, and rolls. My favorite football team the Green Bay Packers would be playing against my favorite quarterback, Brett Favre. I made a date with my boys to be home and plan on spending the evening watching this history making game and celebrating the life of my awesome little brother.

As usual things never go as planned. My husband received a call that the men's church softball team was in desperate need of players for tonights game. They were going to have to forfeit if they didn't find a couple of people. So my hubby and Jullien said they'd play. We all went over to the park, of course after I set the record button on my game.

It's funny because my brother loved to play softball and was always on a couple different teams at the same time, just to make sure he was constantly on the field competing. As I sat there cheering on my husband and son, it took me back to the years that we sat in the bleachers heckling and cheering my brother on as he made incredible diving catches, hit homeruns and sometimes got a little crazy (he was a TERRIBLE poor sport!)

What a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. It couldn't have turned out better if I had deliberately planned the whole day.


Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm A Hazard To Myself

HELP...I'm scared my "accidents" may be starting to re-appear. This morning I was rushing around getting ready for work, trying to do several things while curling my hair. I pulled a long strand of hair, attached the curling iron and was getting ready to roll it when I had a "short circuit". For some unknown reason I reached my left hand over the top of the curling iron to grab more hair...the inside of my wrist hit the top of the curling iron and stuck to it for a few seconds. OMG...I burned the crap out of my arm!

I put the curling iron down, ran cold water over it and then thought, "WHAT WERE YOU DOING?" I have no answer...just a plain brain fart! I probably can blame it on the insomnia, by Friday I'm a zombie, 4-5 hrs. sleep a night takes its toll.

First my foot, which is still sore...I need to get it checked again, the bone is sticking up on the top of my foot. I think they might have missed the fracture, now this burn. I'm not ready to go through this again. I need a padded room with all electronics, doors, water etc. removed. Maybe then I'll be safe!

Wish me luck trying to make it through the rest of the weekend injury free.