Friday, July 30, 2010



Okay, so I feel like I've been on fast forward ever since I got back from vacation. It sure is hard trying to get back into the swing of things again, not to mention having to drive to LA two days in a row to take Jullien to castings before he heads back to NY.

On Monday I got a bit of bad news. I'm an independent contractor & I work for an accountant on Mondays & a Commercial Real Estate Development Co., Tuesday-Friday. When I walked in my boss told me that she had lost hours on one of her BIG clients so she longer needed me.



At first my brain was spinning, trying to think of what to do to make up the $$.

Then after praying...I felt at peace. The first thought that came into my mind was "When one door closes, another one opens." This has been true my entire life.

Then my next thought was, maybe this is happening so I can use that day to finish my book, (which I've set a goal to have it done by Dec.) but with my schedule, there's no way I could've ever accomplished that.

We'll buckle down even tighter on the $$ and make it work, and I'll bust my butt to spend Mondays ONLY on writing!

WHEW...Breathe...Blessings come in all kinds of disguises!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunny Days of Summer

I was so grateful that my dad felt well enough to come down for the wedding, (4th stage lung cancer). I really appreciate everyone's prayers on his behalf...they are definitely working!

The day after the wedding we went down to the beach. I've never seen it this crowded except for holidays or the US Open Surf competition. It was really humid though so I guess people were trying to escape the heat.

I also was excited to have all of my boys together with me. Jullien heads back to New York on August 3rd which should give him enough time to lose his California tan before New York Fashion Week.

My Boys-Elijah, Josh & Jullien

The Big Brother Beat Down

Joshy, his girlfriend Charmaine, Aunt April, Jullien & Elijah

Mom & Dad

Clowning it up!

While heading back I couldn't help but take pictures of this Quinceañera...she's adorable!

Just another day at the beach!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Day Pictures

What an amazing day! Natascha looked sooo beautiful.

Anthony walking his Princess down the isle!

Natascha & Jeremy exchanging their vows


But there was one little problem. Okay, so what are the odds of two people having almost the EXACT same dress without even having talked to each other about what they were wearing?

Well maybe I should have coordinated my dress with Tanya (Natascha's mom). I couldn't believe it, when I got there we were wearing the exact color, with the entire bottom half of our dresses exactly alike, ruffles and all! The only difference was the top, hers was the same color as the bottom & a halter style.

I felt so bad! I had no clue...last I heard she was wearing either fuschia or navy, so I thought I was safe. I mean she is the mother of the bride & it is one of the most incredibly special days of her life, her little girl was getting married. I wanted to crawl into a hole! I wish I could have ran home & changed, but the only other dress I had was all black.

I didn't end up walking in like we had originally planned during rehearsal, but I was fine with that. It would have looked too weird if I walked down first & then Tanya came down after with the same dress. This was hers & Natascha's big day!

So other than that it was awesome! I just hope Tanya wasn't too upset at the whole coincidence strange, huh? Guess we both have the same taste, too bad it had to happen on THIS day!

My dad & mom with happy my dad felt well enough to come.

My dad, me, sisters April & Stacy & my mom

Proud brothers Dillon & Adam

Auntie April clowning with her nephews Elijah & Jullien

My oldest Josh w/ his girlfriend Charmaine

We all danced for hours...we are quite the dancing family. Jeremy definitely fits right in. Anthony, Jullien & Jeremy were having dance offs, it was so fun!

Finally cake time...and yes they were both very nice!

CONGRATULATIONS Tashy & Jeremy!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today Is the Big Day!

So today is the BIG day. Natascha is getting married to her boyfriend of 6 years.

As the step-mom part of the wedding process is finding the perfect dress, shoes, & accessories. I need to look conservative but not frumpy. I must've tried on 30 dresses before I picked this one. Besides two ladies who were trying clothes on in the dressing room were ranting over how good it looked on me. This was the only one they said anything about so this was the winner!

Dress-London Times (found at Ross)
It's fitted & looks better on!

I normally would NEVER where ruffles (kind of a tomboy) but the minute I put it on it just fit perfect & the color was suttle enough not to clash with her mom & mother-in-laws dresses.

The nightmare of the whole process was finding the perfect shoes. I can't get anything "too high" because my husband is my exact same height & he hates when I tower over him. So 10 stores later (no, I'm not even exaggerating) I finally found these:

Nine West found at DSW

accessories- forever 21 of course!
What do you think...earrings on the left or necklace & earrings on the right?

Still debating on which one to go with, but I did find the PERFECT nail color to go with it!

Nail Color: Wet n Wild new shade-231 Shield/Bouchlier
Sorry about the foot pic-couldn't get the same effect of how cool the color is by just a bottle shot.

I woke up early this morning, excited for Tasha & her day. I looked out the window to see what the weather was like and found this-

I thought, "How perfect is that, a double rainbow on her wedding day!" The rainbows seemed to come together as one at the bottom. What a beautiful symbolism of this momentous day!

Here are some pictures from the dress rehearsal.

Look at the love on his face...Priceless!

Well I'm off to get ready!



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He's Home!

Awe, the good ol' days when they were all with me!

I just got back from picking Jullien up from the airport. After 7 LONG months of missing him, I could hardly wait to hang out, talk, joke around & just enjoy his company. Well that lasted all of 20 minutes!

His friends also knew he was getting home tonight & they stopped by & took him away! So much for an 18 year old wanting to hang out with his mommy.

Good thing I planned a vacation while he's home. We're going on a surfing/camping trip to northern California, just us & all our boys (Tasha's getting married on Friday & will be on her honeymoon...don't think they would want to share an R.V. with all of us!LOL!)

I'm going to get almost an entire week of hanging out with them without the friends around to take them away.

I'm trapping them out in the middle of no where and making them enjoy our company!hahahha!

I always come up with great plans to have everything work out exactly the way I want them...lots of years of practice!

I'm just soooo happy to finally have him home.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Anthony-My Soulmate

Today my husband, Anthony turned 45. He is the most incredible, hard working, caring, loving husband a girl could ask for.

13 years ago on the Pop Warner Football field he stepped into my life. He was a coach of the "other" flag football team, but my friend & I noticed him right away. She had actually seen him around before & said, "I think he has a whole bunch of kids!" LOL! Well, I too had "a whole bunch of kids" so I guess you could say it was a perfect match.

After a strong friendship & undeniable attraction, we started dating.

He has been my best friend, stand up comedian, father to my boys, provider, strength and soulmate.

I love you honey, thank you for being an amazing husband & father!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Things Around the Corner

With everything that's been going on this month, I feel like my Blog has been a bit depressing. I want to be sure to also share the good things that are happening.

First, my hubby's 45th birthday is this Monday! Woo Hoo!

And wait there's more...Jullien will finally be flying home on Wednesday night, after 7 long months away. This is the longest amount of time he's ever been gone! My mom, dad & sister April are also flying in on Wednesday. Everyone is coming for my step-daughter Tasha's wedding next Friday.

I can't believe she will be MARRIED next CRAZY!

Then the Monday following the wedding, we'll be heading off for a family surfing vacation trip up North. I'm hoping all of the boys will be able to go with us. I'm also PRAYING that the Great White Shark warning for all of the California coast is lifted Read-Shark Research Committee. I have NEVER heard of this kind of warning before. Figures when we finally get a vacation!LOL!

Last but not least, I was contacted by a Christian Online Magazine in Texas to see if they could use two articles that I wrote. Then one day later I was contacted by a radio station in Maine, they read another article I wrote & wanted me to be a guest on their show. I already did the taping & it is supposed to air in the beginning of August, I'll post the link when it's on.

So, with that encouragement, I'm plunking away at my book! Hopefully it will be done by the end of this year, that's my goal anyways.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goodbye Grandpa I Love You

Maurice Tunget (pictures taken on June 13, 2009)

Today we just got the news that my grandpa, Maurice Tunget passed away.

We got the call last Friday that he had suffered a stroke & then another call Saturday morning that we needed to go see him because he had another stroke in the middle of the night.

My grandpa was like a father to me & my boys. When I was first divorced, I moved to Utah to be with my family. My grandma & grandpa watched my boys for me everyday. I stayed the night with them on the weekends & would awaken to the smell of my grandpa making bran muffins & my grandma cooking oatmeal.

After eating, my grandpa would take the boys down the street to feed carrots to the horses. They adjusted their lives for my boys; swing set, swimming pool, snow sleds & suits, easter baskets, cuddling in their bed to watch Barney together. My boys were filled with the love of two of the most giving people I have ever known.

My Boys at their Grandparents

They always made plans each week to take all of us to Chuck E Cheese, my kids favorite. We took family trips up to the lake for picnics & BBQ's.

My grandpa was such an amazing, caring, selfless & loving man. He had an incredible sense of humor. Even when we headed up to Lake Arrowhead on Saturday to say our goodbyes, he was trying to mumble something & my aunt said, "Are you trying to tell a joke?" He smiled & shook his head.

While we were talking to him, he tried to respond & even laughed a little. He gripped my hand tightly when I was letting go to sit down. So I stood with him, talking & trying to be upbeat, my eyes filling with tears as I too clinged to his hand, just like I did as a little girl looking for seashells along the beach so many years ago.

His eyes were closed but he could still hear & even tried to look at us a few times. When we were leaving I told him I loved him & he mouthed back, "love you too." Elijah also told him & he was able to get it out once again.

He was ready to go home to be with the Lord & his beloved wife, Dolores. I feel so privileged to have had such a close & loving relationship with my grandpa.

Thank you for the special memories that you have given my boys & I! I love & miss you already grandpa. I know we will see each other again.

Last year visiting my Grandpa

My sisters daughter Ava & Grandpa

And THIS is how I will always remember my Grandpa, TELLING JOKES & Making Everyone Laugh!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Late Brother Johns' Missing Gift

Every 4th of July for the past 19 yrs. has been a struggle for my family. This year however, we finally found a gift that my brother, John Michael Lemich, who passed away on the 5th of July, (READ ABOUT THE ACCIDENT HERE), left for us.

We knew about this gift, but have been unable to find it! We all have searched, at various times over the years, looking, hunting, getting frustrated & then giving up. Only to feel the tug at our hearts every few years & search again.

This year was again one of those years I began the search. I consider myself an amateur detective and after about three days and no luck once again, I reluctantly gave up. Then to my surprise, my sister April, who also was feeling the urge, started searching for the long lost gift too.


The ironic thing is, the gift was found on the exact day of the 19th anniversary of my brothers accident.

To say that this lifted the mood of this difficult time of year for us is an understatement!

There are no words to describe our happiness

On this 19th Anniversary of my brothers death I would like to share his missing present with all of you too..............................................

The search is finally over.

We feel that my brother somehow had a hand in helping us find his daughter!

We are so blessed to be able to have Whitley & Johnny in our lives.

MY BROTHERS SON JOHNNY (Luckily, he's been a part of our lives since he was born & also has been searching for his 1/2 sister).

My brother passed away before meeting either of his children, but is obviously watching down from above!

This 4th of July is a very special & joyous one for our family!


Happy 4th of July everyone!