Thursday, July 2, 2015

Interesting Beach Finds!

After having lived by the beach for so long...I have to say, I'm never too surprised by the interesting things I see here.
So here's a guy cruising around in his Star Wars getup.
 Then we have squirrels who think they're prairie dogs. 

A movie crew filming as they pull a parasailer behind a car along the ocean's edge.
To this kid who was running up and down the beach on this futuristic "blade runner" type contraption. 
Let's end this post with a very cautious Mod Vespa driver. Someone's obviously heard the famous motorcycle warning..."It's not *if* you go down it's *when* you go down. 
He's having none of it. LOL!

Oh beach life in the summer is always beautiful, fun and interesting.

My Handsome Lunch Dates

Such a gorgeous day out and so much to be thankful for. Elijah surprised me and joined me for yoga today, and then Josh met us downtown for lunch after he finished school. Unfortunately little Josh has summer school and wasn't able to join our lunch date. 
(This was the only look I could get from Elijah when I told him to smile for our lunch date pic!)

There's something special about mother/son time as they get older. They're usually *too busy* to make time for the "old people" as my boys so affectionately refer to us (Brats!) Lol!

But I truly cherish every minute together, knowing that as they one day have family's of their own our time will be less and less. 

Jump aboard today's "THANKFUL TRAIN"...what are you thankful for?