Monday, February 18, 2008

Day Off

Yay.....Anthony and I both have work off today!  I wish I was wealthy and could just be a stay at home mom and write everyday.  What can I say....hopefully "The Secret" will start working because I've definitely been thinking this thought for a while now.  In the meantime I will continue to write my book and eventually when I finish it and it gets published (see the positive thinking...LOL), I will be able to afford to stay home.

So today we just laid sports or anything going on today, it's definitely nice to have a free day to be lazy, it doesn't happen very often in this household.  Later we are going to take our dog Allie down to dog beach for some excercise......she's getting FAT and so are we (holiday bulge)!

Okay, so I'm going to try something new on my blog.  At the end of every entry, I'm going to challenge everyone to do one good deed for someone each day.  It doesn't have to be huge, here are some examples:

1.  Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store.
2.  Buy a homeless person sitting in front of a store some food and water.
3.  Hold the door open for someone.
4.  Smile at a grumpy person (they probably need it!)
5.  Visit a sick friend and take them a meal.
6.  Offer a caring and compassionate ear to someone hurting.
7.  Let that person trying to change lanes go in front of you.
8.  Help an elderly person put groceries in their car.
9.  Forgive someone who has hurt you, (YOU will feel BETTER!) 
10.Encourage others to do something kind for someone else each day.

Someone is waiting for YOU to make a difference in their day!!!

Read Psalm 138: 2-3



April said...

Hey Lis!
I'm so glad you FINALLY got to take a break out of your busy schedule. You deserve it! That's a good idea, to do at least 1 nice thing for someone each day. I think if everyone did that, the world would be a much better place! I'll definitely work on that challenge...mostly to better myself!
I love and miss you guys!

Tj and Amy said...

I am glad you got a day off, you both needed it I'm sure! I'm going to work on doing a good deed EVERYDAY! those are all great ideas! thx. love you