Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Did You Do Today?

I just want to check in with everyone and find out what good deed you did today?  It doesn't matter how small, just anything!  I hope you will post what you did in my comment section and then add it onto your blog.  I want everyone to challenge the people in their lives to do the same and lets see if we can get this thing rolling!!

So today I decided I wasn't going to let one of my bosses get to me and upset me like he did last week.  This morning I prayed all morning and then again on the way to work.  I  stopped to get some gum and an older man in his 80's turned around and said, "Sorry, I'm taking so long, I'll be done in a minute I'm buying some toys to donate to some needy kids through my church.  He was so happy and sweet that all of my anxiety about getting to work just disappeared.  I said to myself, "What a great way to start the day!"  When I headed outside, I noticed the little man was getting into a broken down white buick with rust and dents all over it.  Wow, I thought....he obviously doesn't have a lot of money and he is still helping!

I got to work and said, "Good Morning" to my boss.....NO RESPONSE.  I went back to my desk said another prayer, this time for him.  Which was very hard to do when he was the last person I wanted to pray for after the way he treated me last week.  But I thought, he obviously needs it ALOT!  So I heard him getting upset with someone on the phone, then he hung up and SLAMMED the phone over and over again about 4 times.  I said another two prayers for him and me!  Within 15 minutes I went back into his office to give him something and then he asked in a very cheerful voice, "How are you doing?"  Then he smiled and asked if I would walk across the street and get him some lunch and he wanted to buy my lunch too.  The rest of the day he was like a completely different person.  PRAYERS WORK!!!!  Just remember to pray for the people that are the hardest to like.....they need it the most!

Please let me know how your day of kindness went.  

READ MATTHEW 22: 37-40    

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