Friday, February 22, 2008

Skid Row

I have decided to take clothes, blankets and sports equipment down to Skid Row in L.A. the weekend of Easter. My sister, Stacy and her family and my husbands ex-wife and all of our kids will be making the trip. I have so much "stuff" that I've accumulated and never use. I feel I should take it directly to the needy.

I was so amazed that so many kids are living on the streets, the average age is 9. I want to be able to make a difference so I will go directly to the heart of the most desperate area of the problem. I at first thought that we would drive down there and get out and start handing out all of the items. I was then informed that the most effect way is to contact an already established charity. They know the areas and are familiar with the people. I did more research and stumbled across an article written by an LAPD Policeman named Officer Joseph who works the Skid Row beat. His article confirmed that so many people just drop stuff off and it is often picked through, fought over and just thrown on the sidewalk. I am currently in the process of finding an organization to go through as the date to make the trip rapidly approaches.

I would also challenge and encourage all of you to go through your things and while your doing your "spring cleaning", bag it up and find a place to take it to. It will make a direct impact on someone else as well as your own. My suggestion would be to make a plan to go with a mission or charity group to distribute your items. You never know whose life might be changed (maybe even your own)!


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