Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today....Hmmm.......Still Looking!

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I can do today for someone. I forgot to let anyone get in front of me while I was driving (I was feeling a little aggressive today?!) I didn't let anyone in front of me at the store either. I 'm going to have to find some way to do something nice for someone before the day is over.'s actually hard to do something nice for someone on a day when I didn't feel particularly bright and cheery. I guess that is probably when I need to do it the most. I always get a really good feeling inside after I 'm nice to someone. So I still have some time left before the day is over to complete my own personal challenge.

I always do things for my family but doing something for a stranger is a whole different ball game. It actually takes a little thought, Hmmm what a concept, trying to focusing on doing something nice. It takes away all the self pity, depression and stress. I like having to think about someone other than myself and what daily drama I'm going through for a change.

My husband and I go to a class tonight (learning to communicate better). Don't worry, no major problems just always striving to make our relationship even better. I know I will have an opportunity in class I will end this blog as TO BE CONTINUED...........

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Tj and Amy said...

I haven't even left the house in 2 days. Pathetic I know! I did lots of cleaning today and maybe i will pray for someone I usually don't tonight for my good deed. Tomorrow I will be out and about.