Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Day-San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts

My husband's favorite football team is the Indianapolis Colts, and one of our friends has season tickets for the San Diego Chargers...they gave us four tickets to the game last Sunday. We took the two little guys (I know, I know, they're not little anymore, but we still see them that way). We got there about an hour early, ate some lunch and hung out in the parking lot throwing the football around. It was pretty cold out for us, probably in the low 60's...brrrrrrr...it's rough weather for us So Cal people, hahahha. So we bundled up in our heavy winter coats and headed in.

Now, I like the Chargers, Green Bay is my FAV team, but now that Favre is with the Jets, I like them too. It doesn't matter though, any team my husband likes I automatically root against just to get him riled up. We sat in a pretty rowdy section...especially for those people dressed in Colts gear. Anthony doesn't have anything so we were pretty safe. But I did rat him out to the people sitting behind us. They said, "What's up with all these stupid Colts fans?" Then looked at us and said, "You're Charger fans right?" I shot back, "OH, I AM, but he is a BIG Colts fan!" Anthony looked at me and said, "Way to throw me under the bus honey!" Everyone just laughed and the game started. People were throwing things at the people down below in the Colts jerseys as they stood up and antagonize everyone. The beer was flowing, with every new cup the crowd grew angier, louder and meaner.

I have a confession to make, I have a pretty bad temper and smart mouth. I can be very confrontational if I'm pushed. Since becoming a Christian and really trying to be a better person, I've been able to keep it under control...until this short, little weasle decided to cause trouble. Here's how it went down: We were in line to get something to drink when this guy pushes his way right next to me. The line starts moving and I can tell he is trying to cut. So I make sure I stay right up on the guy in front of me and position myself to box him out. He shouts, "Hey, I was here first...the line's back there." I said, "No you weren't and yeah the line is back there so get back where you're supposed to be." "NO I was here you get behind me." "No you weren't freak" (yes my mouth tends to have a mind of it's own once I let it loose). He yells, "I'm not a freak, you need to get behind me." I said, "Okay you little weasle, what kind of a guy cuts in front of a girl and then tries to cause a scene? You're a freakin whack job!" "No I'm not...I was here!"

By this time Anthony came walking up and the guy looked at him. He has now stepped in front of me. I said, "Pretty sad when you cut in front of someone just to get a beer one person sooner, you're an idiot!" I guess you can say I was really ticked off because I usually never would have let him win. Anthony just looks at me and said, "Let it go, he's drunk and I am going to end up hitting him and get kicked out of here."

So I make a motion like I'm slapping the back of his head and then walk away to watch the monitor of the game while Anthony stays in line. I walk back over and now the idiot is complaining that the line is moving too slow. "How long does it take to get beer...I've been standing here for an hour!" The mouth suddenly shoots back, before I can stop it, "Yeah moron, maybe you should cut in front of those guys too so you can get to the front even sooner." He didn't say another word. Definitely not one of my finest moments, but I hate to let people get away with pushing other people around (I feel like if I confront them, maybe they'll think twice before they do it again).

Fast forward to the end of the game...the cops are arresting people left and right. One guy wearing a plastic hat shaped like the head of a colt had about three beers thrown at him all at the same time, drenching him...the cops came and took more people away. I look up to see who they are arresting now, only to see the little weasle getting yanked out of his seat by two cops, hands behind his back and handcuffed. As he walked down the stairs, head hung low, stumbling, I started clapping and screaming "Yeah...get the little weasle out of here!" I looked at Anthony and said, "See, it wasn't just me being crazy, that moron was bugging everyone!"

Oh the game...it was exciting too, even though we lost in the last few seconds when Vinaterri (however you spell it) kicked a 52 yard field goal...WHAT A GAME!


~Trish~ said...

There is always ONE person that is such an idiot whether it's at a game or concert or whatever!!

April said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had lots of fun and excitement! It sure sounds different than goint to a BYU football game!