Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weird Halloween

Last night, the kids got ready and had us drop them off with their friends. We received a phone call around 11:00 p.m. to pick them up...this is the first year that we didn't go out with them. My baby's are officially all grown up. I feel so old, this is the first year that we didn't go with the "little guys." That's what we still call them even though my little guy is taller than me and Adam is getting there.

Me and Anthony went and had some sushi, rented a movie (Leatherheads) got some ice cream and went home. So it was definitely a weird one. Makes me sad to think that my days of getting them ready, walking around from house to house and sneaking candy out of their bags when they weren't looking is over. Now I guess I'll have to resort to sneaking the candy out of their rooms.

Unfortunately they get a lot smarter when they're older and they hide the stash. My husband is actually worse than me when it comes to chocolate. He would leave the kids in tears when they would reach for the one BIG candy bar that they were lucky enough to get...only to find the empty wrapper in its place.

Now begins a new chapter...we are old!


April said...

You should have made a trip to Utah to come trick-or-treating with us! Mom and dad came along...I think they feel the same way as you! But I'd be sure and sneak some candy from the boys if I were you!!!

dddiva said...

Ouch daddy stealing the big candy- None of the girls did the whole t-o-t thing but the were part of a living scene and had a blast... even Ian had more fun watching them come to his Nana's than the few houses his mama took him to.

~Trish~ said...

Awe but now you can sit back and hand out candy to all the new little ones with the adorable costumes!!