Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

Sunday we scheduled a day with all of our kids to take our Christmas card pictures (they even brought their girlfriends and boyfriend for a couple of pictures).

The little guys making fun of the couples

This is quite a task, having teenagers means BUSY schedules. We had my two sister-in-laws and their kids meet us down at the beach and we took some pictures of their kids too. As you can see...LOTS of boys!

(The boys & the cousins)

It was very hectic, not to mention crowded with other people coming up with the same idea. This meant trying to find a spot that random people wouldn't be in the background, roaming around. Between finding the perfect area and avoiding the direct sunlight of the day (1:00 p.m.), there was a lot of shadows that I've been trying to correct with Photoshop. I don't know what I'm doing yet, so I'm trying to wing it! I hate reading directions, but I think I'm going to have to break down and do it.

Me & My Honey

My boys

My second group of amazing kids

We also decided to bring our husky, Allie. I left her treats in the car so of course she wouldn't listen. During the family picture we were all trying to hold her and make her look towards the camera, while we tried to pose and smile. We came up with only 1 picture that everyone looks somewhat normal, even though Elijah is choking the dog. Let's just say it was comedy...(picture the Brady Bunch vacation episode!) Never a dull moment in our family.

(Our family-Anthony punching, the boys struggling with Allie-Tasha was ready...LOL!)

After we finished, Allie decided to go chase after and stalk a little poodle. Dillon went to try to get her away, she slipped out of her collar, while my husband ran over to help. They were running around yelling at the dog and Allie took off straight towards a family and pooped right next to the mom's chair. Then I had to listen to everyone saying, "Why did we have to bring her!"

You would think since the kids are older it would be easier to get them to pose. they think they are so funny, making faces, wrestling, pushing and shoving. I would say, "1,2,3!" Right when I was ready to snap...I would get some crazy pose...I yigh yigh!!" I screamed, "KNOCK IT OFF! I have a lot of pictures to take and I don't want to be here all day!" They just laughed at me and wondered off to explore on the rocks...getting in the background as I was taking my sister-in-laws pictures. I think people just stood there staring at us thinking, "They're all crazy." It's like a three ring circus when we all get together!


1...2...3...tough guys

1...2...3...Real cute guys!

1...2...3...EWE STOP IT...not you too...LOL!

Finally...the one and only decent family shot...

I guess I would have to say...Christmas card pictures=lots of drama!


suzi said...

Very nice pictures and wow does it look nice out there!! Up here in Minnesota it's cold. BRRR.

Merry SITSmas to you!:)

Tj and Amy said...

cute pics! love them. can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

georgie said...

merry sitsmas

April said... cute! At least you got one good picture! And look at Josh sporting a goatee...he's getting to be a man now!!!