Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 8th Birthday-NEW ADDITION!!

(TGI Fridays)
Yesterday was my birthday, my mom's birthday and now we have a new little edition to celebrate our day. My sister April had a beautiful baby boy, Tyce, who weighed 8lbs, 20 inches. So now we will have a triple celebration every year. What a great birthday present!

I had a great day, my work took me out to a huge lunch. Then when it came time for my family to take me out to dinner, I wasn't even hungry. I pushed the dinner time all the way back to 7:00 p.m. hoping I would get my appetite back, but it didn't happen. Luckily I have tons of boys who are NEVER full, they cleaned their plates and then polished off the rest of my dinner.

Everyone showed up except for Natascha...she had a final at school. We took some pictures in this really cool courtyard, it had water streams running through, waterfalls, and abstract art. We all climbed up on this mini pyramid looking thing to take a picture, when the security guard came charging towards us (I don't think we were supposed to be standing on it). The kids took off running and the guard started to go after them, then he walked towards us and just looked at us...he wanted to say something, but I think he was shocked that we weren't kids. So we calmly kept walking and when we reached the kids we told them that the guy was chasing them down. They said, "REALLY" and all started laughing.

(Shadow Boxing)

(Adam aka Monkey Man)

(Busted~~~Climbing on the Pyramid)
We seem to cause trouble wherever we go...even when we're just trying to take pictures. What's up with that? All in all it was a really good day...besides the fact that I'm getting older (YUCK!!)


Tj and Amy said...

I am such a peice of crap! I completely spaced your brithday! I am soooo sorry. been so stressed with everything. looks like you had a wonderful day. and you look great! see you soon. call me. love you.

Joanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Looks like you had a great time.

I wandered over to your blog through SITS roll call.

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! Triple birthday!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! How cool to have two other family members sharing the day. I found you through SITS! :o)

~Trish~ said...

Yay for happy days!!! LOVE the pictures of course :)