Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Golfing Mishap

Anthony went golfing today to try out his new golf clubs and he took Adam with him. Adam is new to golfing, but is pretty athletic and a quick learner. Anthony was getting ready to take a shot, swinging his club back over his head, the club swooshed through the air, striking the ball with exact precision. A split second later the ball hit him directly in the neck! He grabbed his neck, looking around, thinking that his ball must have hit a tree and ricocheted back pounding his neck. He yelled, "What the HECK!" spotting the ball next to his feet.

Adam was almost on the ground holding his stomach, laughing till his eyes started to tear up. Anthony swung at the ball...that angry, hurt, and frustrated type of swing. Of course he missed it and then decided to kick it to release some of the pain in his neck. He finally realized that Adam had been directly behind him hitting his ball too. However the ball curved and hit Anthony...a clean perfect shot! He yelled, "You're done with this hole...get outta here!"

I wish I had been there to catch it all on camera...can you imagine what a prized possession that would be! LOL!


Amy said...

what a scene that must have been!! Have a great day from a fellow SITStah

KC Mom said...

Oh...and I bet it left a mark too! Golfing can be pretty funny sometimes.

Susan said...

Floating in from SITS.

lol - I'm an awful golfer, so those stories always entertain me ;-) Great smile for this morning!

~Trish~ said...

I hate to admit it...I was totally expecting a visit to the hospital when I saw the title :) LOL

April said...

Oh how funny! I'm sure Anthony doesn't think so but I can just picture the whole thing! I'm going to show Tyler that post. He'll get a kick out of it too!

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