Thursday, August 27, 2009

New York Fashion Week-Dazed & Confused

Jullien just left today to head back to New York for Fashion Week auditions. He's been home for almost 2 1/2 weeks (except when he left for 2 days to shoot a Jil Sanders Lookbook). I guess the last week of Aug. is model vacation time. His agent told him to NOT GET TAN! Ya good one, you try and keep a 17 year old, Orange County surfer out of the sun. He looks really good tan though...but his agent has him down as caucasian (which he is only 1/2) so he can get pretty golden in the summertime. Hopefully the Fashion Show bookers like his tan look too!

Typical Orange County Surf Day~Jullien lovin it!

He just had his first magazine come out in the U.K. It's a huge magazine over there~"Dazed & Confused". He was pretty excited, he had three of the four pages from the photo shoot. So of course I went on Ebay and got a copy of it for 18.99!YIKES! Here's the pics:

photos: Terry Tsiolis for DAZED & CONFUSED MAGAZINE
stylist: Nicola Formichetti

Agency: RED MODEL MANAGEMENT (click link)

It's funny how life can take a completely opposite turn than what you had planned. He went from a First Team All Sunset League Football Linebacker, being looked at by a model pretty much over night! How different can you get? He likes modeling, but says that the hardest part is being away from his girlfriend of a year and a half. I will definitely be sad if they break up, she's an awesome girl, but I know it will be hard for them to stay together.

Thought I would share some pics of the "regular" Jullien.

Jullien & Chelsea

Pep Rally before rival game against Fountain Valley

Jullien #9 (green & gold)-Just before sacking Mater Dei QB MATT BARKLEY (Now the 1st True Freshman to start this year at USC)

Handling the double team

Edison's 09' Powerhouse Linebacker's (#9 Jullien Herrera, #35 Jordan Zumwalt, #26 Matt Reza)- WE BEAT MATER DEI!

Us with my tall model boy! Just a regular kid plucked out of an ordinary life, headed for the BIG TIME.

P.S. He has a Details Magazine coming out soon...stay tuned for pics.


KC Mom said...

It's amazing to me how fast his career is taking off! Wow!!

April said...

I love the pics! I can't believe how fast everything has happened either...and how opposite his "career" has turned out to be. I totally thought he'd be in college sports too! Crazy...but good!!! Love and miss you guys!

Lisa Petrarca said...

I know it's crazy! He signed with Red in May, graduated High School in June and now two big magazines under his belt.

He DEFINITELY signed with the right agency...not too mention his AMAZING agent, George Brown.

Momma G.Love said...

That's awesome! Good luck to him in the future!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

Sheri said...

Wow very cool. Congrats to your son, I can tell you are very proud of him :)

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

That's cool and so exciting!!! I really want my youngest daughter to take some interest in modeling. People always say she should do it. She is thin, tall, long legs, strawberry blonde hair, great cheekbones and looks amazing even with no makeup. She just has no interest in it.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend!


Teresa <><

smile steady said...

Oh wow! How exciting for him! Best of luck to him and what is sure to be a big future!

Anonymous said...

Really cool, you have some great pictures. You must be proud.

Love the fairies on your blog!


The Blonde Duck said...

Those model shots are insane!