Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Cop Kodak Father of the Year

My sister entered a contest to nominate my dad, Dave Bolda for "Kodak Father of the Year". He was voted as a top ten finalist, they sent her a Kodak video camera to tape some footage. They will soon pick a final winner...CLICK HERE to see the video of my dad sharing his life moments, while battling 4th stage lung cancer.

We figured the more views, the more likely he'll be chosen. So thanks for taking a moment to watch...he could win a trip if chosen!


Anonymous said...

What a great dad! What a smart granddad (more than one frisbee to throw at each child)! I'll be praying for you guys (cancer). I hope you win:)

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

I'll keep your dad in my prayers that he can be this awful disease. Hoping he'll win!

The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats! That's cool! I hope he wins!

Marina said...

I loved the video esp the part where he says "I'm already awarded" are blessed to have such an awesome dad and he's blessed to have a wonderful family support with all of you. Watching the video, your dad looks a fighter, I pray God gives him the grace to come through this.

God bless


SITS said...

Difficult for anyone to go through this and your faith in God I am sure is whats holding it all together here. Your Dad seems like such a cool Dad. I have not experienced the joys of having a Father in life. I am happy you know that Joy.

~Trish~ said...

That is awesome!! GOOD LUCK!

shelley said...

i love video's making them watching them, this one is very special! god bless your dad, you are very fortunate and blessed to have had him in your life! happy wednesday lisa!i'm stopping over from sits this am, swing by and say "hi" i have a great giveaway this week! :)