Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Barely Tears

I dropped my son off this morning, after trying to get a few pics of him getting ready. It didn't go over to well. I guess you're not supposed to take pictures of high school kids cuz they are too grown up and cool for that now. Of course I had to ask for a hug (which is weird cuz he's always been my hugger). Leaned over super quick and gave me the pat on the back hug...I hate those kind.

He's a funny kid, he wore a vest over his T-shirt. He doesn't care what anyone thinks. He has tons of friends, and has always had such a like able personality. I said, "You sure you want to wear the vest?" He's said, "Ya it looks good, I'm gonna wear those blue nerd frames without the lenses in it too!" Me, "NO YOU'RE NOT!" Him, "Ya it's funny mom...everyone laughs." Guess puberty has turned him into the class clown. I hate that puberty stuff, you wake up one morning and go, "Who are you and what have you done with my sweet son?"

Sneakin Some Pictures...

Once I got home I started reading all of your comments and started tearing up again. Thank you guys so much, it meant a lot. I got several offers for Thursday lunch dates, now we just have to find out how to fly you guys over to the OC every week!

After work I had one more massage left on my Mother's Day coupon my hubby got me. So I headed over, not sure of the name of the last person who gave me an AWESOME massage. I told them to just give me somebody that can do a really good deep tissue massage.

It had to be the worst & weakest massage I've ever had! I felt cheated...I needed all my tense, stressed muscle's worked over. Now I know who NOT to ask for...but I hate that I wasted my last one on THAT. I'm too nice though, I still gave a good tip because I always feel bad for them. That would be a hard job.

Can't wait to meet up with all of my new lunch dates...thanks guys!


April said... cute! I'm glad you got the pictures of him. I'm sure I'll be the same way with my kids, probably taking pictures of them getting ready for school even when they go to college!:)

Helen McGinn said...
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Helen McGinn said...

Grr..I hate ham-fisted massages. My sis, who manages a health and beauty place, sais you should always give feedback via the manager. That way, the problem can be addressed and further training can be arranged. Not that I ever would either, except that my sis is the boss and she looks at me with her big green eyes and says "Well?? On a scale of 1-10...?" I'm her human training guinea pig. I still have to pay though. ;O) Discounted of course.

Your son looks pretty cool this morning; he's rocking that look. My wee lad is still only 8 and very cuddly but recently, if his friends are there, I get the not touching, pat on the back hug.

Except yesterday, he came out of school, surprised to see me as it is usually my husband who picks up and ran at me with a huge hug before looking round to see if anyone saw him; they were all too busy hugging their own mums. *L*

This must be so hard. I know I can feel it, even though I have 2 more years with my eldest still to go. They have this thing at our school when the kids are finished primary 7 (the stage before high school); the kids stand up at assembly and give their favourite memories of their time at school. Then they all sing the song 'Memories' and everyone cries and looks at these tall, gorgeous creatures standing next to the tiny wee tots from primary 1 and thinks..."when did that happen??".

I'm tearing up thinking about it.

KC Mom said...

You're welcome to come out here for a salsa lunch date any time. Although, I think it would be funner there!

Sassy Chica said...

Vests are all the trend this season, you son is a fashionista...

Glad you got your pics...I too was a sappy mess when the kids started school, this was a new experience for me and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

Sassy Chica

~Trish~ said...

Hey if you come see KC Mom, you can see me tooo!!! It's a 2 for 1! hahaha

Love the pictures, he looked awesome!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad you got him settled!

Alicia said...

awww he looks adorable!! i'm so terrified for my boys to grow up!! and i love that he's so confident in his fashion choices!

StacyB said...

Lij can wear whatever he wants and get away with it!