Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Wipeout

This has been a crazy, busy week. Let's see, first off Elijah got nominated for Freshman Homecoming Prince. They nominated five boys and five girls...they find out sometime next week who wins. We had two football games back to back yesterday. Elijah had an awesome game and had a key interception at the end of the game. He played both ways (linebacker & tight end). Even though we were winning...they were driving and we were struggling to stop them.The interception kind of took the wind out of their sails. We ended up winning the Freshman and Varsity game against Dana Hills High School.

We had Adam's J.V. game today...he played really good and is getting a lot of playing time at wide receiver and on special teams...they won also. We had a parent/son night last week for the J.V. & Varsity players. They had us walk on the field, the dad's wore their sons away jersey's, which was pretty funny to see some dad's trying to squeeze into it and then suck in their guts trying to look buff and slim. They announced the parents names and then took pictures and the boys handed the mom's a flower.

Tonight we have a birthday party to go to for my bosses 60th birthday. I was going to dye my roots tonight, but I forgot that I threw away my last container and brush. So it looks like I'm going to the party looking ghetto. I also have to go out and find something to wear. I have a closet full of clothes that I hate. I need to stop being such a pack rat and just get rid of them. I don't know why I find it so hard...I always start to go through the stuff and then say, "Oh, I can't get rid of this, I'm sure I will be able to wear it again somewhere." It's a definite problem!

I'm wiped out and my weekends just beginning.


Anonymous said...

But what a wonderful way to be wiped out. When the boys are doing great, it's worth a wipeout! Congrats on good things happening!

Reviewer11 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :D Have a wonderful weekend. :D

gaelikaa said...

Hey Lisa, I guess we all could do with a closet cleanout every now and then! I know I could! Don't worry about your hair, you'll be fine! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your hair will be okay!

Lacey said...

I need to clean out my closet again so my husband can't say "Why do you need more clothes? You have a closet full." Not if I clean it out:) Stopping by from sits!