Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Flight

While shooting a football game a few weeks back in Newport Beach, CA, I noticed these two ducks just cruising around the field enjoying the warm, sunny day, completely unafraid of the action that was going on around them.

They took off, flying low across the field.

I thought they were going to land in the middle of the field, causing the refs to stop the game.

But they skimmed over the top of the players heads and landed in the other end zone.
(double click for larger view)

I was so absorbed with shooting them that I missed a really good run by our team...oops...focus!


Rajesh said...

Wonderful sequence of shots.

Leesa said...

How cute!! Great shots!!!

Have a great week, Lis!!

DUTA said...

The two little ducks gave a better sport show than the one happening on the field , so you haven't actually missed much.

I must say, you've got a good eye for things worth shooting with the camera.