Monday, November 1, 2010

Where Have the Days Gone

I can't believe my last post was on the 27th...yikes. i'm really slacking. To say that I've been a little overwhelmed lately would be an understatement. Hmmm let's see, where do I start? On Thursday my son didn't play in the JV football game (he was playing in the varsity game on Friday-woo hoo!), but I made a commitment to take pictures for the team so I still went. Friday my son got to run the ball a couple of times in the Varsity game, we were hoping for a little more, but it was a tight game, 7-0 & he's only a sophomore (can't be greedy right?!) We won!

Saturday I had a photo shoot for a property management co. who wanted pictures of their buildings/landscape (10 of them). I headed out early, but was only able to complete 5 of them & I was exhausted (had to walk these huge buildings, working the angles & trying to get the best possible shots). The pictures came out great, it had just finished raining & there was huge puffy white clouds with crisp clear blue sky as the backdrop.

Sunday our friend's son had a football championship game, stopped by there for a little while then headed to the high school to make signs, candy bags, posters etc for the kids (BIG rival football game this week. it's a tradition.) Straight from there I headed off for my second group of building shots...NOT happy with the results because I got such a late start. The sun was in the complete worst spot~probably have to redo them, uggggh (4 hrs wasted)!

Today I have to get the pictures from 2 weeks worth of games out & the first set of buildings cropped & edited.

I'm feeling a little bogged down, but I know I'll get through it all...breathe!


Anonymous said...

My God, Lisa.. U r so packed.. been missing your new entry and comments.. :D

Anyway, relax.. You have been working too much.. Take good care of yourself and ENJOY. :)

p/s : Thanks for the Bday song and wish AND new nickname. lol

Debbie said...

That's right Lisa ...take a breath! You are a busy mom but how fun to be able to do these photos too. I hope you post them.

blessings and love,

bravegrrl said...

man, i know the feeling! just one thing at a time :) you'll get through it grrl :)

Lucy said...

You are a busy lady. Tomorrow for me is decision making day.

Kimmy said...

Boy oh boy, do I understand days like that!! Hope you get a breather and soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know we thrive on "busy" Lis, but be sure to take some much needed time for you! Remember the important thing in the word "TIME," is the ending of "ME!" Hugs, Mommy

April said...

Slow down girl!! You need to go to a day spa or something! Take a break!!!

Mariabei said...

You're so busy... hope you manage to find some time to relax... you certainly deserve it!
Love your blog, always something interesting going on!