Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Gratitude

intense video game face-(my camera phone takes terrible pictures!)

I picked Jullien up from the say that I'm grateful to have him home is an understatement. Especially after reading in detail, about the man, Bryan Stow, a paramedic father of two, who was attacked at Dodger stadium for wearing an opposing teams jersey, (Giants.) He was sucker punched on the side of his head & also kicked in the head, (just like my son) and now he's in a coma.

To see Jullien now (who heals amazingly quick) with only a few signs of his injuries left (red spot on his eye ball, some light pink marks on his face where the scabs fell off & the worst of the ordeal (broken upper jaw which is also almost healed) and a missing tooth. The tooth is pretty obvious since it's in the front. But as I look at him, I can't stop feeling like he was definitely protected & watched over. Now I just want him with me constantly, and he of course keeps leaving to hang with his friends. :(

I was able to squeeze a lunch date out of him and my two other boys. Taking a picture of them is worse than when they were little, none of them will smile for me. But I'm beaming with joy and gratitude this Easter!

elijah, jullien, josh & charmaine (josh's gf) eating at flame broiler


DUTA said...

Iמdeed you've got good reason to be grateful - your handsome son Julienne and his relatively quick recovery. I like the two pictures.

Have a Happy, Blessed Easter!

Lucy said...

Lisa, You have a lot to be grateful for. Yverstiveou and your family have a very Happy Easter.

bravegrrl said...

i'm happy to hear your son is getting better and that you had him home for easter! xoxo

Lucy said...

Yes Lisa, mom wants to protect her son and I can surely understand why, but you at your age and I was about your age when my next to the youngest son came home and some kids jumped him and his brother. Both eyes were swimming in blood where they had kicked him in the head. Our instinct as a mom wanted to keep them close but they have to go on their own. He will get through this and you also but it is so hard for us as Moms to see our kids hurt so badly. Hag in there Mom.