Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Face Pressed Against The Glass

A few weeks ago I told you about how I have a HUGE problem with being late to everything. So here's the pictures AFTER my son presented his CIBACS (Center for International Business and Communications Studies) project, (that he worked on for 5 months) which I missed because they started early, and I wasn't there.

Ya, had sunglasses on because I seriously wanted to cry, (notice the forced, strained smile!) I NEVER miss anything my kids do, sports or otherwise.

Just wanted to show ya how handsome he looked as I watched him give his closing remarks to the judging panel, with my face pressed up against the glass window.

He looks like a man in a suit not a 16 year old kid!

Elijah & My Hubby


Anonymous said...

Okay Wheez, you can use this as another "learning" experience. Set your clocks (throughout your house)AT LEAST 10-15 minutes fast. Learn to believe they are NOT set ahead and ALWAYS, ALWAYS go by them. Remember, this was not only devastating for you, but for our Lije who worked soooo hard and wanted to not only make himself proud, but his Mommy as well. He needed you there (I know, this won't make you feel any better, and I'm sorry), but always being late becomes a rude and selfish habit. So much is missed, so many hurt feelings, and so much guilt is felt by you. Make it your goal, right now, to BE ON TIME! You can do this; you have only to remember that just like you choose to be late, you can also CHOOSE to be on time (see, the choice is YOURS; nobody is forcing you---mommy jr.) You are strong, dedicated, wonderful and selfless. Let this be your "late" New Year's resolution! (It is never too late to make positive changes.) No more "Late Lisi." I love my sweet girl, I promise! (Just think, this change will make you PERFECT!!!) Big hugs, Mommy ;)

Lucy said...

Your son is very handsome and you should be proud. I hate it when I am late to anything and I am usually not unless I gowith Hubby. He doesn't care if he is a little late. I think he and I have a different idea of being late.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your son looks like an adult. Matured and smart.

"with my face pressed up against the glass window." <--that's too bad for you to have missed such important occasion but I'm sure Elijah knew how much you care.

How's Julien? Hope he's doing okay. You too, Lisa. Chill out. Things will be fine someday. =)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mommy needs to apologize to her girl. I was pretty harsh with my comments last night. You know me, I hate to have my children or grandchildren hurt. I am truly so sad that you missed such a special event and I know you paid the biggest price---I didn't need to add to your guilt. I know what a dedicated mother you are and I should have "acted" and not
"reacted" when I read your sad post. Please forgive my "Grandma Tunget moment." There's nobody that loves you more than I do. Obviously I love my grandchildren like I love my children----way protective of them and their feelings too. Sooo, will you forgive me for wanting to spank your bottom the only way I can when I'm so far away---verbally. I truly, truly am sorry and feel terrible that I didn't think first. Love and hugs, Your repentant mommy. :o(
AND please give my Ju-Ju a big hug. I'm so happy he's home with all of you!!!

Lucy said...

Aww, what a nice thing to do from mom,we moms first react like a typical mom and then later along comes the mom who feels bad for what she said. I do know I get exasperated when Joe is constantly late. At ant rate you have a handsome son and he knows you are proud of him.

Lisa Petrarca said...

No worries mom...I know that I have to change & Lijey being Lijey...he said no big deal! But it was & it'll definitely never happen again!!

Anonymous said...

"Mama" Lucy, thank you so much for your kind comment. I felt so bad and wished I could have deleted that message---but too late. Thank you for understanding how some of us "Mama's" get a little ahead of ourselves. You are a sweetheart! Hugs for you, Lisa's repentant mommy. And Lisi, thank you for knowing and forgiving your mommy---once again! I love you all!