Monday, April 11, 2011

An Update...

Thank you all for your prayers, concern & really means a lot. It looks like the infection is under control (yay!) Jullien went to a dentist today and found out that he received such a severe blow to the face that his upper jaw is actually fractured & the tooth (the one directly next to the left front tooth) fell out because when his jaw bone split it just released the entire tooth, root & all.

Now he has no choice but to wait 6 wks before attempting an implant. We are still praying that his left front tooth will adhere so he isn't looking at two implants (time will tell). He's pretty stressed about walking around that long with no tooth.

He will hopefully see an attorney tomorrow to go after the guy who did this & make him pay his medical, dental & hopefully lost wages (he wont be able to work-they don't particularly like toothless models!hahha.) Guess it makes me feel better to make light of it. Anyways, he's still in a lot of pain, so if you can continue to keep him in your prayers. Also pray that everything goes good with the attorney tomorrow, and he'll take the case...he just wants to get back to his normal life!


Lucy said...

Hearing your sons story just makes me furious. We decided that there is no safe place anywhere. I hope he will make fast recovery and his face gets healed. Take care mom. I know the feeling, When it comes to our kids that mother bear instinct comes out.

Dixie Mom said...

Bless his heart. He just didn't deserve that. I hope that guys pays and pays for what he did.
I'm sure he's pretty traumatized as well and who knows how long that will take to recover from.
I hope you are feeling alright, I know it must be so hard to watch your son go through this.

April said...

I can't believe that about his jaw! He'd better go after the guy and also the one that kicked him in the face...wonder if that's the one that actually messed up his jaw? Poor Juj!