Sunday, April 3, 2011

16 Ways To Say...Happy Birthday Elijah

when kisses were still yucky...

My youngest son turned 16 today & of course I'm sad to see my baby boy so grown up, but I'm also incredibly proud of him.

Homecoming Dance...

Since the day he was born he was the "perfect child" I mean literally...this kid was just ridiculously easy to raise. His personality is happy-go-lucky, not much bothers him, even through the dreaded 'teen years.'

So for Elijah (aka Lijey), who's gone from driving his toy cars around the house to driving me around, here's 16 ways to say...

You're special because of...

1. Your love for the Lord

2. Your loving heart
3. Your giving nature

4. Your incredible wit

5. Your Lijey hugs

6. Your helpfulness

7. Your leadership

8. Your smile

9. Your cheerful nature

10. Your sense of humor

11. Your friendship

12. Your responsibility
13. Your love of family

14. Your positive attitude

15. Your caring ways


16. Your ability to always bring joy into my life every single day!
I love you Lijey!

Happy 16th Birthday and thank you for being such an amazing son!

First Varsity TD as a Sophomore...

Winter Formal...

This years football pictures...


Anonymous said...

Hope he has an amazing birthday!

bravegrrl said...

yay! happy birthday Elijah! great photos!!!

DUTA said...

Great post and pictures, Lisa!

It seems Elijah's the perfect young man, with the best of qualities.
I wish him lots of Luck in life!
Happy Birthdat to you, Elijah!

Joop Zand said...

Congrats Elijah

nice serie picture Lisa.

i like american football and baseball

Greetings ans all the best, Joop