Monday, June 6, 2011

Girl Fight

photo by: Lou Ponsi-The Orange County Register

We received tickets from a friend to the OC Fight Club (front row.) It features local boxer's and MMA (mixed martial arts-think UFC) fighters.

It was a pretty good night, but the most interesting for me was the girl boxers. I don't know what would ever possess a girl to have the desire to box.

A short, muscular girl, (Sindi Amador) entered the ring first...jumping around, smiling at the crowd, raising her gloves, looking very confident, with a record of 2-0. Next, a tall, lanky girl, (Jessica Penne) calmly stood waiting to begin, she was making her boxing debut. The moment the bell rang, the little one was like a pit bull. She stalked, and attacked...never backing off. The poor girl making her debut looked like her nose was broken after a couple of blows to her face. She looked so scared, and totally unprepared. I felt bad for her.

She spent most of the time trying to run away from the relentless, pit-bull. By the third round, she had the lanky girl up against the ropes, utterly defenseless, pounding on her face & body. Her corner finally threw in the towel...thank goodness, it was getting really hard to watch!

I wonder if that will be not only her debut, but also her retirement?

Not sure I'd want to see another girl fight in person...and this coming from a tomboy. There's just something un-natural about girls beating on each other.

How do you feel about girl boxers?


Lucy said...

I don't think I would want to see a girl fight. I can't even figure why they promote that stuff. We used to see girls wrestling and I did not like that.

bravegrrl said...

haha.... i'm not into boxing... girls or guys... but i thought this post was very entertaining haha....