Monday, June 27, 2011

My Sister's Coming!

I'm so lil' sister, April is coming down, along with her four little ones to stay with us for two weeks. The plan is for her to drive straight through from Utah to Huntington Beach. I definitely don't envy her, trying to handle all four of her kids + drive 11 hours (and they are a wild bunch!)

When I was a single mom of three, back in the day, I made an annual Utah trip every 4th of July to visit my family. I saved myself a bit of a headache by leaving at about 9:00 pm (kids bedtime.) Then I drove the 5 hours to Mesquite, NV to sleep (1/2 way point.) I saved myself only half a trip of listening to my boys, argue, fight, complain & making tons of bathroom stops. 

Last time she came down we did a beach photo shoot (here's some shots.) I'm sure there'll be tons more this time. Wish I was off work to be able to spend more time with them. Oh well, no complaining right...enjoy whatever we can. Besides, there's nothing better than being with family for the 4th of July!
  This pelican attacked a little boy's hat              
then looked to be laughing about it after!
 baby Tyce
 Zoey, Dylan & Brayden



Dixie Mom said...

Looks like you're going to have a TON of fun!

Lucy said...

Beauty runs in your family. Looks like you will be havig lots of fun.

il était une fois... said...

so gorgeous!! nothing better than the fam :) xx

Anonymous said...

oh glad you're going to have some fun ahead!! =) The children are so cutiepies <3 haha and great pictures taken by you.

Have a great day ahead
thanks for the motivating comments =)

DUTA said...

Your sister and her kids look lovely! I couldn"t take my eyes off the photo of Baby Thyce; he's adorable with those blue eyes!
Enjoy their company!

StacyB said...

Sis is here with "the wild bunch" who are a tired bunch...she will see on Wednesday instead. I can't believe she made that trip with four young ones all the way!